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October 2014 Reno/Tahoe/Sparks Malifaux Organized Play; STORY LEAGUE INFORMATION & HALLOWEEN EVENT


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Malifaux October Organized Play for Reno/Tahoe/Sparks:



Saturday, October 4, 2014-

Hardcore Tournament (see below for rules)- 12:30 PM


Comic Kingdom

595 E Moana Ln

Reno, NV 89502

(775) 827-2928


·         $5 entry fee

·         20SS crew with no augmentation of SS cache (Henchman’s printed value only)

·         Must contain EXACTLY 4 models

·         Legal, faction-specific crews, which may purchase permissible upgrades

·         No actions/abilities/triggers that create additional models or soulstones

·         Models may not be buried by actions/abilities/triggers

·         Other than Regeneration +X, no actions/abilities/triggers that heal damage

·         Close deployment

·         Victory conditions are Turf War (starting turn 1, still max 4 VP) & Assassinate (max 3 VP)

·         All models must be painted at least to tabletop standard (3 colors & based).  

·         30 minute rounds with 5 minute setup times, minimum 5 rounds (aiming for 7 provided sufficient attendance)

·         Prizes, including random drawings, will be awarded based on turnout.


Saturday, October 11, 2014-

Module 2, Scenario 2 & Free Play- 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Open Demos- 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Heroes Games & Hobbies

1289 Baring Blvd

Sparks, NV 89434

(775) 331-0102


·         See below for rules



Saturday, October 18, 2014-

50 SS Tournament (see below for rules)- 1:30 PM


Heroes Games & Hobbies

1289 Baring Blvd

Sparks, NV 89434

(775) 331-0102


·         $5 entry fee

·         Gaining Grounds Ruleset with relaxed painting requirements

·         Prizes, including random drawings, will be awarded based on turnout.


Saturday, October 25, 2014-

Halloween Event & Free Play- 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM


Open Demos- 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Heroes Games & Hobbies

1289 Baring Blvd

Sparks, NV 89434

(775) 331-0102


·         No entry fee for the event




Story League Information:

See general league information and module 1 scenarios here:




The field had been cleared with most of the gathering wisely withdrawing having encountered far more than they had bargained for.  The legend of Jack Daw was ubiquitous, known to pretty much everyone, as he is indelibly linked to the Hanging Tree, a landmark few fail to take notice of passing through the Breach.  That this macabre specter had now stirred from his perch atop the site of Malifaux’s most famous gallows would likely create headlines in the various Ragsheets not seen since the Event.


Tara had been the first to engage Daw and his group of madmen.  While some of his crew had been fellow ornaments of the Hanging Tree, still others seemed to have congregated at the site having been beckoned into the service of Daw’s dark spirit.  Some form of primal power emanated from his visage, and while it compared little to the tyrannical energies of Obliteration, it nonetheless made Tara hesitate.


She and her crew were diminished from their engagements of the past few days.  Karina especially seemed much more agitated than normal, and seemed overly frustrated with her inability to conjure reinforcements from Obliteration’s realm.  While it seemed unwise, Tara was curious to get to the bottom of why Daw had gone to the trouble of riling so many dangerous individuals in Malifaux.


It quickly became apparent she was a fool to challenge him in her current state.  A tangle of nooses quickly ensnared the remnants of her allies, pulling them into the Hanging Tree itself, and their screams quickly added to the cacophony of the ongoing scuffles in the area. 


As Jack Daw gazed upon her, she could sense a great hostility toward her person.  “We sense within you, the presence of an oppressor.  Its power must be extinguished!” 


The voices were disconcerting.  It was utterly different than the eerie silence and solitude of Obliteration’s prison, with the tormented voices of thousands screaming inside you head all at once.  It was little wonder Karina, whose fragile psyche had been shattered in that place, was quickly breaking down in this presence.


As she watched in horror, a noose was quickly tossed over Karina’s head, and the woman wailed in torment as she began to be pulled toward Daw and his crew.  Pulling her Peacebringer and firing, Tara was confounded to see the bullet pass right through the rope that seemed to be spectral in nature.  While she was loathe to abandon the woman having saved her from her eternity of solitude inside Obliteration, it was looking like she may have little choice in the matter despite their co-dependency in Tara’s unlife.


With a flourish, the rope suddenly ignited and split, and a young urchin swooped in gathering up Karina’s struggling form in a display of inhuman strength and agility.  Grabbing Tara’s duster, the young man yanked her along as he passed by as well.


Having put a fair amount of distance between them and the Hanging Tree, the boy released his hold on Tara and threw Karina’s flailing form to the ground.  “Whoa! Easy there Twitchy!  I just saved your old ass from the scary dead dudes, so you can stop freaking out and get your shit back together now.”


Turning around and getting his first good look at Tara, the kid’s eyes quickly widened with a mix of shock and admiration, “Holy hole!  Who’d you have to piss off to wind up looking like my favorite breakfast food granny?!?”  Taking in her pallor and obvious state of undeath, Tara could quickly sense him dismissing her as likely being mindless.


Looking back at Karina, he said, “Umm Twitchy, I know you’re still in need of some mental health days, but make sure to tell her ‘holeyness’ that I’m a friend or she’s gonna get lit up.”


Tara could only smile at the young man’s exuberance.  “Hun, there’s really no need to worry about me.  While my friend Karina there helps maintain my physical body’s condition, I tend to have to cope with most of the thinking for the both of us.”


In response, all he did was look at her and shrug.  “Whatever.  I gave up trying to figure out the elderly a long time ago.  Speaking of geriatrics, the really really old Swamp Hag sent me with Crazy Town and her box of tricks to put the human swing set in the ground and tell people there’s some scary stuff about to go down.”


“What kind of stuff exactly?  Jack Daw and a bunch of condemned at the Hanging Tree coming back to life already seems pretty bad to me.”


Seemingly annoyed by the question he responded, “I dunno, old people stuff I guess.”


He seemed distracted, and following his gaze back to the Hanging Tree, Tara noticed a woman with fiery hair levitating above the ground while spirits of all shapes and colors poured forth from a box in her hands.  The madness of the scene as they swirled around Jack Daw and his tormented looked like nothing she wanted any part of.


“Don’t worry about Crazy Town, while she may look a bit prissy, she’s not likely to go down to the swingers.”  Looking again at Karina, “You and Twitchy may want to skedaddle though.  Go see the Hag if you want.”


And with that, the little ruffian was sprinting off toward the ensuing battle, fires blazing from his hands.


Karina had finally settled down a bit and lay on the ground weeping.  Reaching down to help her up, Tara said “Come on Hun, it looks like we’ll be taking a little cruise to the Bayou.”



Module 2: Bayou Baptism


Scenario 1- Safe Passage

In the wake of events at the Hanging Tree, it seems the swamp hag Zoraida may have some answers.  While rumors have it she may finally have succumbed to her advanced age or a foe, having not been seen or heard from in a few months, you know her hut can only be found deep within the Bayou, and figure it is worth investigating.  To this end, you send a trusted henchman ahead to book passage downriver to seek her out.


Unfortunately, others have had the same idea, and it looks like there is currently a shortage of boats available for travel.


Size- 20SS

Deployment- Close

Special Rules-

·         20SS crew with no augmentation of SS cache (Henchman’s printed value only)

·         Must contain EXACTLY 4 models

·         Legal, faction-specific crews, which may purchase permissible upgrades

·         No actions/abilities/triggers that create additional models or soulstones

·         Models may not be buried by actions/abilities/triggers

·         Other than Regeneration +X, no actions/abilities/triggers that heal damage

Terrain- N/A

Victory Conditions-

Major- Turf War (Starting Turn 1, Max 4 VP still)

Minor- Assassinate


“I told you that damn pig was too heavy!  We’re lucky our boat made it all the way upriver chasing after some darn hocus pocus nonsense before her fat ass sunk us!  Now we have to go booking passage on some stinky human boat just to get home.  I’m telling you, this ain’t no place for a lady!”


“Don’t go getting your panties all up in a bundle Trixie, and stop blaming Gracie, she ain’t done nothing wrong!”


“Panties? I ain’t wearing no panties!  Wanna see there Burt?  It’s gonna cost you of course, but I’ll take payment in bacon, and Hag knows the oinker oughta be good for plenty of that!”


A loud, stuttering snore interrupted the argument.  “Ugh, the worthless thing fell asleep again!  This is the last time a lady like me is gonna be taking work with you losers!”


Trixiebelle was at her wit’s end.  Wong could keep his fancy clothes and fame, she wasn’t never coming back to this human-plagued city.  He’d have to take back that fugly old assistant of his, because there ain’t no way she’d be staying on.  All this chasing after some fancy ghost for his show only to be sent back empty handed.  And these pale “big folks” smelled worse than a washed Neverborn, and while she got plenty of second looks, not one of them had bought her a drink yet.  The nerve!  This eye-candy isn’t free, but there ain’t no telling them “big folks” nothin’.


To make things worse, the few humans that would talk to her couldn’t seem to help expedite a trip downriver.  She had plenty of their worthless paper money, even offered up the ones she ain’t used to wipe with yet, but none of them seemed interested in helping out a damsel in distress.  Of course Burt and the oinker weren’t helping.  Why Wong had insisted they come along was beyond her reckoning.


Having given up on finding someone to hire out in the shipping offices, Trixiebelle had decided to go see if she could scare up a floater dockside to get back to the Bayou.  And whether they liked it or not, something that would hold the oinker wasn’t gonna be no consideration of hers.  The nasty thing wasn’t likely to sink and could float on home behind ‘em for all she cared.


As she sauntered down the next dock, she heard the sound of retching like someone had been downing some bad ‘shine.  “My word, are you what passes as a girl among the gremlinoids?!? No wonder they keep their womenfolk hidden, you’re one nasty looking midget!”


A crimson tinge tainted her verdant cheeks at the insolence of the man.  As she readied to rush the Wastrel and deliver a good slap, she was startled by Burt having discharged his pepperbox, levelling the fool in a single shot.  “This here woman is a lady, and ain’t no ‘big-folk’ gonna get away with talkin’ to her like that!”


While his actions may have been excessive, Trixiebelle’s heart swelled hearing the admiration for her in Burt’s voice.  She’d always thought he only had eyes for that pig.


But it was time to get down to business.  The Wastrel’s friends hadn’t taken kindly to his fate, and the one with the turban looked like trouble.



Scenario 2- White Water Rafting

Passage by boat to the Bayou has finally been secured.  Unfortunately, as you make your way downriver, you discover a competing crew has booked transport on the same vessel when they emerge from below deck, none too happy to see you either.  Time for one of you to take a swim…


Size- 50 SS

Deployment- Flank

Special Rules-

·         Non-Peon models that have not been pushed or used a Leap action may take a (1) Interact action while in base-to-base contact with an enemy model to force them to succeed on a TN 14 walk duel or be pushed 3” directly away from them.  If a model is moved in base contact with a table edge by this action and was not moved by an enemy action/ability/trigger previously this turn, it is removed from play (this does not count as being killed or sacrificed). 

·         Non-Peon models that have not been pushed or used a Leap action may take a (2) Interact action while in base-to-base contact with an enemy model to force them to succeed on a TN 17 walk duel or be pushed 6” directly away from them.  If a model is moved in base contact with a table edge by this action and was not moved by an enemy action/ability/trigger previously this turn, it is removed from play (this does not count as being killed or sacrificed). 

Terrain- No forests or hills.  Terrain should be themed to a ship deck, so be creative.

Victory Conditions-

Major- Man Overboard! (max 4 VP)

·         Score 1 VP every turn, starting turn 2, that you push at least one enemy model off the board using an Interact action (see Special Rules) that was not moved by any other action/ability/trigger on one of your models  this turn (i.e. Lure).

·         Score 2 VP on turn 2 or later if you push the enemy leader off the board using an Interact action (see Special Rules) that was not moved by any other action/ability/trigger on one of your models  this turn (i.e. Lure).

Minor- Outflank

Minor- Entourage


Between the Guild and his connections with Viktor Ramos, Hoffman was astounded no better form of transportation could have been secured for his excursion to the Bayou.  The weight of his constructs largely prohibited overland travel, so he was forced to sail downriver to get to the bottom of the mess that had Lucius Mattheson in such a dither.  The requested task was something far more suited to the rough nature of the Ortega clan, but apparently, their recent behavior was too erratic for the Secretary’s sensibilities.  With Criid still missing, and Lady Justice convalescing, apparently the heavy lifting fell to him.


The second-rate barge couldn’t even do him the courtesy of allowing Hoffman the use of its hold.  Apparently the space had already been consigned by another party, and even Guild influence was not enough to supersede the contract.  He was told it could be made available once they reached the first of the Bayou settlements, which wasn’t overly long to wait, so he could live with the inconvenience.


Looking into the rivers waters made Hoffman wonder about the rumors he’d hear of the threats below the current that made dockside living in Malifaux so dangerous.  The citizens in the Southern New Construction Zone seemed to go about the river with seeming nonchalance, but were still happy to tell tales of countless friends and family lost to the denizens that reside in it.


While musing on such things, Hoffman was interrupted by the sound of steam engines hissing and metal clanking against the barge’s deck.  Initially, he had thought it to be one of his devices errantly wandering, but he soon caught sight of a large construct and several individuals attired in strange armor.  Curious about the new arrivals, he called out a greeting, but to his surprise the machine’s eye quickly turned red and a grenade launcher was raised in his direction.  And here Hoffman thought it was only the river creatures he had to worry about for this part of the trip…



Scenario 3- Prize Pig

It has been a tiring trip, but your crew has finally made it to the Bayou.  Efforts to obtain information on how to find Zoraida’s Hut from the Gremlins has only added to the fatigue, but you may finally have a lead.


Size- 45 SS

Deployment- Blind

Special Rules- N/A

Terrain- Mud Slicks (3x3”, Ht 0; If a model ends a move or push inside a Mud Slick, the opposing player may push the model 3” in any direction) x 4.  Players will alternate placements.

Victory Conditions-

Major- Hog Wrastlin’ (See Malifaux Crossroads, pg 229)

Minor- Distract

Minor- Cursed Object


Gremlin culture was truly a curiosity.  And this first little hamlet they’d come upon was supposed to be the most “civilized” of them all.  The area smelled of methane mixed with hard liquor, no doubt due to the abundance of pig refuse and homemade distilleries.  Kaeris took note that this definitely was not a place to light a match unnecessarily. 


Writhing blotches of green and pink darted everywhere in the muddied landscape scurrying along on seemingly nonsensical tasks.  As gazed around, she saw one unfortunate soul working on a fence grabbed by a large hog in the enclosure and dragged in only to be eaten alive.  There was an unforgiving brutality about the place, as those around seemed either indifferent or amused to see their kinsman meet such a violent end.  For her part, Kaeris cared little for how these things went about their lives, as long as they made themselves useful to her.


She had begun to notice one of the young ones following her around and taking careful notice of her harness.  When they had first arrived at the village, Kaeris had seen the “girl” playing with bird guano shouting something that sounded like “November’s Cuss!” while she tried to hurl it at some other creepy little greenskin that had dolls she kept pushing sticks into.  The chubby little thing was still covered in the sticky white bird poop, but had apparently given up on trying to make it into a weapon.  Kaeris turned around and glared at the creature, who seemed to do her best to mimic the scowl.  The lack of effectiveness in her act of intimidation aimed at the “child” impressed Kaeris.  Most of her subordinates pissed themselves at such a sign of displeasure from their boss.


“Tell me little one, what is your name? I’m Anasalea.”  As unnatural as it was, Kaeris tried to soften her taciturn expression with a smile.


“A-GA-SU-WEE-LUH?” The thing seemed utterly perplexed and had trouble with the multiple syllables and pronunciation of her given name.


“My associates call me Kaeris if that’s easier to pronounce for you.”


More consternation on the beasts face before it offered “Meaty… I’s means ah, Merris.  Me called Merris La Croix mistuh.”


“What’s dems roostah claws on yuz beck does?”


Despite the thing’s nearly incoherent speech, she could tell the “girl” was no fool from the intelligence clearly reflected in her eyes.  “My harness?  Well, it helps me do many things, even fly.”


Anger quickly flashed across Merris’ face as she yelled, “Yuz foolin’! Ye ain’t no Skeetah and cants do none flyin’.  I’s no fool for you lyin’ ‘big folks’ to go sayin’ tales to.  No wonda none a da kins gone learnin’ yuz.  All yuz do is looks funny and be lyin’!”


  The “child’s” reaction was definitely unexpected.  Kaeris had heard stories of a group of Gremlins that went around imitating the famed Ortega clan.  Come to think of it, the “La Croix” surname was one she’d seen mentioned in the ragsheets she’d read about them in.  While it usually wasn’t something she would bother with, Kaeris needed information, and one green bumpkin was as likely to be of use as any other from the looks of it.  “Merris was it?  I can prove to you I’m not lying.”


Closing her eyes and letting loose the order of her thoughts, Kaeris released her magic power and let it flow through the harness Ramos had constructed for her.  Flames quickly ignited along metallic plumes creating thermal currents Kaeris quickly rose upon with a few quick swoops of the harness’ extensions.  While all the Gremlins in the area immediately took notice, none seemed quite as in awe of the display as chunky little Merris.


“Yuz really is like a Skeetah mistuh!!!”  Merris was shouting gleefully and running around with her arms spread wide.


With the creature’s interest renewed, Kaeris settled back among the muck of the settlement and extinguished her flames.  While nothing had exploded yet, she’d still rather not chance fate surrounded by so much incendiary material.  Merris was quickly at her side, all jiggles and smiles.  “Tell me Merris, do you know of the Swamp Hag, Zoraida?”


“I’s do mistuh, but if it be da Hag yuz likes, Sammy be da one to asks.”  And with that, Merris grabbed her by the hand and was pulling her along screaming after this “Sammy.”


Before long, the creepy little Gremlin with the puppets was running up to them.  “Hey Meaty!  What’s the trouble?  This human birdie giving you problems kin?”


“Me called Merris, not Meaty!”  For its part, Sammy seemed indifferent to the apparent name change of its friend.  “Kaeris wanna knows about the Hag!”


Sammy looked to be thoughtfully regarding Kaeris before saying “Zoraida isn’t taking visitors these days, and if she doesn’t want to be found, only a pig with an exceptional nose can sniff her out.  I could point you in the right direction, but I cannot promise you will find friendly folks where the path leads.”



The other young Gremlin had proven to be exceptionally articulate and helpful, and all it had wanted in return was a small swatch of clothing from her coat.  Apparently, there was a master pig breeder currently in the area that might be able to help them.  Kaeris remained dubious of the claim, but it was worth a shot.


As they approached the encampment, the two “girls” had stopped and settled in a good distance back, and seemed ready to take in a show.  If this was a trap, Kaeris would be back to deal with them after the pig breeder.  The camp was in even more disarray than the settlement her group had recently departed, and that was saying something.  With the exception of a cranky looking bearded Gremlin, all Kaeris saw other than pigs was a single dog that kept a close eye on the surrounding swine.  Having noticed her approach, the old Gremlin unslung its bow and kept its free hand hovering near a quiver of arrows.


“What is it you want now human?  Out with it! I don’t have time for chit chat!” 


As the old Gremlin stood, Kaeris took note of not only his peg leg, but also a couple of quick hand signs given to the nearby hound who quietly began stalking toward some larger boars settled among the reeds.  While most of the Gremlins she’d encountered had been rather lacking in intelligence, this one and the two “girls,” were no fools.


“Relax, I’m not looking for a fight.  I’m here in search of the Swamp Hag, Zoraida.” 


While he hardly seemed placated by her words, it appeared she wasn’t the first to make the request of the old Gremlin today.  “I see.  Been looking for something myself, a stray pig as it so happens.  You get what I want, and maybe I can help you get what you want…”



Scenario 4- Tainted Meat

As requested, you’d retrieved the designated pig at great trouble to your group.  In all the ruckus, the animal had suffered a few scrapes and bruises, but is still alive and ornery as ever.  Ulix seems rather upset about its condition though, and it looks like you’ve got another fight on your hands…


Size- 50 SS

Deployment- Standard

Special Rules- Ulix cannot be used by the challenging player.

Terrain- N/A

Victory Conditions-

Major- Reckoning

Minor- Breakthrough

Minor- Murder Protégé


The Sow could smell blood and it was one of her babies.  The scent roused her hunger, and whatever was responsible for hurting that poor piglet was going to be supper.  As she hefted herself onto unsteady legs and waddled out of her sty, she noticed the Gremlin that brought her so many tasty snacks arguing with some fresh meat.  Those were the ones that had hurt her child, she just knew it!  Time to satiate her endless hunger…

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Unfortunately, I'd forgotten my earlier commitment to SNAFUcon when I scheduled the Halloween event for Saturday, October 25.  Because I'll be working the Con all weekend, the event will now be held on Thursday, October 30 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.  I apologize for any inconvenience!

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