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Malifaux Doubles GT @ Northcon 2015


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After a years absence the UK Doubles GT is making it's triumphant return at Northcon.


Northcon is a multi system gaming convention held at North West Gaming Centre, Stockport. There are loads of different games being offered including Warmachine, X wing and guildball.


Northcon lasts for three days, the 26th, 27th & 28th June. The Doubles event itself will be held on the 27th & 28th of June



Hope to see you there


Greg Piskosz





Rulespack can be found at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dxxek0s0ehdlub/Malifaux%20Doubles%20GT%202015.pdf?dl=0


Tickets will go on sale at 16:00 on 7th February 2014. 


Tickets are only available from elementgames.co.uk






Black Joker Society, Team M - Maria Weiland/Mark Elwood


Build a Bear Workshop - Chris Hay/Rob Smith


Blu Tac & The Beast - Graham Bursnell/John Wharton


The Honest Joes - Connor Barker/Scott Parkin


Wyrd Sisters - Nick Roberts/Nigel Doherty 


Gentlemen of Malifaux - Conrad Gonsalves/Mike Marshall


Woefully Unprepared - Bruno Santos/Tim Brown


Rage and Quit - Lee Battrick/Pete Wright


The Huddlemen - Aiden Kirk/Ben Archer


Arcanists Creed - Mike Jenkins/Ben Brissenden


Tall, Pale & Hansell - Ant Hoult/Paul Hansell


La Société Joker Noir - Gary Burgess/James Reeves 



Round 1 Parings: 



Table 1: Tall, Pale & Hansell vs Rage & Quit


Table 2: Honest Joes vs Gentlemen of Malifaux


Table 3: Arcanists Creed vs Wyrd Sisters


Table 4: Build a Bear Workshop vs The Huddlemen


Table 5: Black Joker Society vs Blu Tac & The Beast


Table 6: La Société Joker Noir vs Woefully Unprepared

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