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H:Metal Neverborn W:$$$


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Figured I'd check and see if anyone is interested here since I'm not getting a lot of bites locally. Have a bunch of metal Neverborn kicking around that I'd like to move. A decent portion has already been switched to plastic so figured I'd just try to convert it all.


-3 Terror Tots



-3 Silurids

-Bad Juju

-Voodoo Doll


-Baby Kade


-3 Sorrows


-Primordial Magic



-2 Young Nephilim

-Mature Nephilim




-2 Stitched Together

-Black Blood Shaman

-Insidious Madness

Have relevant M2E cards for all models (Minus general Neverborn upgrades from the faction decks). If you really wanted them, I could see if I have the 1.5 cards still around. Looking for $100+Shipping for the entire lot. Never done a long distance sale before, so expect a slow rocky process if interested :(

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