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carnivorous plant markers


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I found this great tutorial a whiole back. I can't remember where now but...I can remember exactly how he made his 'plants'!!! He used little sections of sprue. He would then make incisions going around the sprue to create a kind of ..a fudge it, I've just found the article I was looking for! Here you go! Several of these on a base would look great! I've tried it myself and it really works quite well! http://www.terragenesis.co.uk/infopages/page350.html

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If you are willing to Green Stuff up some plants, the old Gamma World RPG has several carnivorous plant mutants across the several editions (and even a mutant plant character class!).  Some fun artwork in the rulebooks that you might want to check out.

BTW Jimbobovalsocks: those sprue plants are something I must try---thanks for the link.

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I had planned to take advantage of the fact that physical height doesn't matter and sculpt some big venus flytraps.


The problem with this is that the markers are severe and hazardous, but not impassible, which means miniatures actually need to be able to end their movement on top of them. I was thinking the same thing, doing giant venus flytraps or spiky pods or something, but that wouldn't work.

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