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Starting McCabe


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I'm starting a local slow grow Malifaux  eveny and plan on using McCabe.


My Crossroads book is somewhere in the post so in the meantime, please can some kind soul list the models with Guardsman and Black Sheep so that I can start planmning some purchases.


Many thanks.

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I would consider some illuminated. I threw Elixir of life on one, and Strange metal shirt on another in his crew. Armor 2, with one illuminated regening 3 with unimpeded wasn't too shabby (also had a samurai that was getting that armor buff). Then reactivating that regen 3 illuminated was crazy good.

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I'm assuming you're running him as TT, if so, I've run him often and usually replace Sidir with Ama no Zako (she's an outcast/TT model, her card is in the Outcast arsenal deck... unfortunately).  I find her abilities a bit more to my liking.


I usually run an austringer too, and sometimes a pathfinder.


The one thing I will warn you though is that wastrels are very flimsy.  Replacing them with either more kill-y minions is the easiest path, as Sevorin said, Illuminated are pretty good.  Ten Thunder Brothers are also a nice model to have too.

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The Brothers are pretty fun. Wastrels you'll generally grow to see as either situationally useful, auto-include 1, or bad. They go down to a stiff breeze (Swagger is such a cool-named ability but is absolutely wasted on a Df 4 model) but have some support abilities, are significant Minions that cost just 4SS, and hit just as hard as anyone else with the Glowing Sabre. Bravado can get you some insane hand cycling too but does not happen every game, together with the Brothers' Mongoose Style from Dance of Heavens though makes for some very nice hand-filtering.


People have already mentioned Illuminated, they're already solid goons but McCabe makes them even moreso. I'd look at Rail Workers and Toshiro too if you're looking to load up on Minions (which is a strong playstyle for McCabe, Strat/Scheme depending), Toshiro to War Fan and move your Minions up even more, and Rail Workers for cheap resilient Minions. Guild Hounds too to give Luna some buddies, just be sure to keep Luna in play if you need the Hounds for VP's.

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