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What-Khan gaming convention in Rockford, IL


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The What-Khan gaming convention is coming to Rockford, IL for three game packed days during the weekend of November 7th - 9th. Malifaux will be available all three days, and will feature a tournament on Saturday the 8th.

The convention will be held at the Indoor Sports Center, located at 8800 E. Riverside Blvd, in Rockford IL. Player and tournament registration, as well as all other juicy details about the convention, can be found on their website - www.what-khan.com


Friday, Nov 7th:

Starting at 2pm and running until 11pm, there will be open gaming, demos, story encounters, Enforcer battles, and 'Hardcore' games available. Come play for fun and maybe learn a few new tricks or tactics.


Saturday, Nov 8th:

Tournament day. This will be a four round tournament, scored in Gaining Ground format, locked faction, with fixed strategies and schemes. All four rounds will be at 50ss, with a 1-1/2hr time limit. A lunch/dinner break will be held after round 2. All models must be painted to a tabletop standard, with a three color minimum. Proxy/'counts as' models will be allowed for models without an official release. There are 16 total spots for players, and registration must be completed on the What-Khan website (above). The floor opens at 9am that day, player check-in with the TO will open at 10am, and games will start at 11am. No entry fee for the tourney itself, and prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place players.


Round 1: Stake A Claim, w/ Line in the Sand, Distract, Protect Territory, Plant Evidence, and Make Them Suffer

Round 2: Turf War, w/ Line in the Sand, Bodyguard, Assassinate, Outflank, and Plant Explosives

Round 3: Recconoiter, w/ Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Breakthrough, Entourage, and Vendetta

Round 4: Squatter's Rights, w/ Line in the Sand, Distract, Bodyguard, Frame For Murder, and Power Ritual


Sunday, Nov 9th:

Starting at 9am and running until 1pm, there will be open gaming, demos (possibly including Evil Baby Orphanage), story encounters, Enforcer battles, and 'Hardcore' games available.

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