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Fated Destiny and adventures.


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Alrighty, so I figure we can talk about the fate mechanic in this thread, specifically how FMs handle it.

My situation: I've usually built adventures and then tweaked then to include character fates, but I want to try it a bit differently this time.

I want to build a session around this fate:

"Your dance will draw the sleeping eye"

There is a bbeg who sleeps for long amounts of time (not aeons, just weeks or months) but can see the denizens of malifaux while he's asleep (and only while he's asleep).

I'm at a loss of how to incorporate this fate into a session, let alone how to build a session revolving around it (and the character).

How do you guys get your players to meet confront their fates? How much emphasis is there on fate in your games?

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The sleeping eye is simply a closed one or blind one. The dance could be a courtship. So maybe a court intrigue kind of thing where the character stirs the loins of the ignored wife of a noble thereby making the character the enemy of the noble.

Really depends on your group and the type of games they like.

But in answer to your questions, I don't take the fates literally. I twist them if I can. I used allegory as above. And yes the fates are milestones in my campaign. But we run long campaigns.

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You could also go the "Queen of the Damned" route. The sleeping Eye could be a "statue" of an ancient Malifaux Denizen (petrified or frozen in time until such time as they awaken) that the players fight or carouse in front of and arouse their interest. The denizen could then become a major antagonist for the rest of the story after awakening.


I do like Shadowpal's idea as well though for some reason it makes me think of the baroque dance scene in Labyrinth when Sarah is asleep and dances with Jareth.


Here is the scene for those that dont get the reference;


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