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Unboxing Samurai


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You can also just paint the tips of the barrels black, but barrels are something plastics have a hard time with and it's a super easy modification that makes the model look a lot better.


By the way, I was looking back through all your unboxes the other day, and I really appreciate them. It's really nice to get shots of models with close-ups and at angles, along with feedback on how tough assembly is. Keep up the good work!

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Looking great. I notice the barrels are flat on the gatling guns - it'll probably look better if you use a pinning vice to drill out the barrels.

Haha - looking at that picture this morning, the first thing I thought was "If this was a 40K forum, someone would have told him to drill the barrels by now." Those habits run deep. ;)

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My solution for the giganto Samurai is to put him on a 50mm base & vallah!  I now have a Fuhatsu model that I like!


Also normally I quite enjoy putting models together (my favourite part of the hobby is converting), but these guys pushed my patience to the very limit!  & I didn't even convert them!

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Hmm, a Fuhatsu proxy is a pretty good idea. I'm not comfortable with the way his art/model seem to play up his disability for attempted humor - without that, he's just an enormous samurai dude, which this model is perfect for.

I think Fuhatsu becomes okay once you give him a tophat and some serious sideburns, as well as samurai shoulder pads. He becomes more like a crazy hobo with a huge Cannon rather than a comical disabled person.

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