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Cold Immuto - Paralyze?


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So a group of us just started playing TTB. We had a great time coming up with characters. I've played a lot of games and sometimes characters just feel like mechanics and it's up to the players to come up with the fluff, but TTB does both together quite nicely. When two us flipped the same Station fate, we instantly realized we were siblings and it all came together fantastic.


By virtue of some card flips, my character ended up with a 3,-1,-1,-1 for mental aspects and then 3,2,1,1,1,1 for skills learned later in life. Deciding that my character was going to be a sorcerer after passing through the breach, I quickly ended up with a 6 AV for sorcery with 3 Intellect and 3 Sorcery. Since another part of my fate was the "chariot of winter" line, I decided that I'd pick the Cold immuto for elemental spells.


What I'm trying to figure out is if I'm doing this right. It seems quite powerful and I generally cheat against me before I'll cheat in my favor, so I wanted to verify this was correct.


Elemental Touch magica is a TN 3T and does 1/2/3

Increased Damage immuto is +2/+4 for +1/+1/+1 or +2/+2/+2

Cold immuto is +3 for slow / +6 for paralyze


So, in theory, my character could use a Elemental Touch with 2x Increased Damage and 2x Cold for:

TN: 13T

3/4/6 damage



With a 6 AV and the first pursuit talent of Dabbler after session 1 to ignore one T, I can cast that spell with a 7+ for big damage and an automatic paralyze. I understand that the magic section has a few rough edges and requires FM calls, and I stayed away from some of the combinations that seemed really ridiculous, but I wanted to at least be playing with the rules as written for what I did pick.



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Only thing off there is that the damage spread is 3/4/5 rather than 3/4/6.  It is why I really think that either the Paralyze needed to be dropped from Ice or the TN increase from it needed to go back up as 3 felt to low.


Only thing that will keep you in check will be your Fatemaster and his Guild forces unless of course he follows the Thalarian Doctrine then he might get by.

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Whoops, nice catch on the damage, that was just a typo here, I was using 3/4/5 when we were playing.


I do expect the guild and their witch hunters will have something to say about the magic my character uses. I want to work on my ability to disguise myself in case there are any witnesses. Our first session the neverborn that were attacking took care of any guard witnesses allowing me to use my magic freely, but I don't expect that to always be the case. As a backup my character has dabbled in martial arts and is the group doctor if I really don't want to risk using magic...

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