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Tales from C's No Evil


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Going to try use this Thread to get my campaign ideas organized.


For anyone unaware the No Evil was a bar used in a narrative campaign I ran a while back, with Mr"C" being based on an in joke with my locals. While I await for confirmation on what events exactly lead to the execution of Mr."C" by order of the judge during last year's Gencon I get free reign on how my rowdy barman runs his little slice of the city. As I described it to the real Mr."C", "I don't know how you fucked up, but you did it spectacularly." Anyway my current set of fated are a female Drudge with an affinity for Longrifles and explosives, a burly Grave Robber, and a fast talking chain wielding Wastral, and possibly going up to a fourth. Still working out how to better weave their fates into the disjointed adventures I have planned.


So far we've only done a quick adlibbed one shot more for me to get used to the mechanics, and to help familiarize one player with setting. The main things learned were to redo the profile I did on the fly for a chain, and adlibing is hard. Also going to give my players one last cahnce to go over their choices from character creation to think about what skills they're characters would know based on their history.


For introduction I plan to start the part on a train, because when you really want to railroad your players put them on trains. Originally I had this train Earthside but this made some of the magic I had planned possibly awkward to use. Now I have this train as a freshly finished station at a mining town called Silverwood. With the town up and running, and the station finally connected business should boom in the town with a somewhat safer connection to the city. With their contracts finished and debts payed off the fated are looking forward to seeing what passes for civilisation again. Their are more details to this I'm ommiting mostly because they're still in the work, but I think should work as a good way to justify why the fated are together and a conflict to unite them.


To any of my players who do follow the forums, their are consequences to divining fate.

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