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Hey guys ! GearsCon registration has opened up ! You can now buy your con pass. Event registration will open on Monday. 

GearsCon is backed by Salute and has full support from them ! This will be a awesome weekend jam packed with gaming.

David Brown and myself will be running 3 ful days worth of Malifaux events that include the Trecherous Ties format, 50 Soulstone standard tournament, Hardcore and lots of demos and open play. 


I cant wait to meet all the UK guys and gals !

GearsCon is held at the Crowne Plaza London In Gatswick :)




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5 hours ago, fallenspirit87 said:

any news on if a tournament is going ahead at the uk games expo? it still says TBC on the calender?

No tournament at UK Games Expo. There may be some demos there though.

Same weekend as English GT.

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On Friday, March 17, 2017 at 10:17 AM, Vorpalhit said:

is the calendar down, I cant seem to access it on my phone, works fine on the laptop however.


Not aware of a problem. Maybe Mr Google doesn't want to play?

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I have plans for a full event coming later in the year. April/May.

But have an intro to events club tournament this weekend in Hemel Hempstead I just wanted to make aware of before I post about it. 

(very late notice for this one I am afraid, as we seek to swell numbers) 




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