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Nico vs. Perdita - very short write up


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Had a second game with my Ressers - it’s nice to be able to play more regularly. Can't really get a feel for what works/doesn't without playing.


Strat: Reckoning

Deployment: Flank


Resurrectionists Crew - 50

Schemes: Entourage (Nico) & Power Ritual

Nicodem -- 6 Pool
 +Love Thy Master [1]
 +Undertaker [1]
 +Unnerving Aura [1]
Graveyard Spirit [3]
Canine Remains [4]
Canine Remains [4]
Crooked Man [5]
Flesh Construct [6]
Guild Autopsy [4]
Guild Autopsy [4]
Necropunk [5]
Rafkin [7]
 +Decaying Aura [2]


Guild Crew - 50 (Don't know all the upgrades she took)

Schemes: Bodyguard (Judge) and Power Ritual)

Perdita Ortega -- 6 Pool
Governor's Proxy [3]
Abuela Ortega [7]
Peacekeeper [11]
Santiago Ortega [7]
 +Hair Trigger [1]
The Judge [9]
The Lone Marshal [8]


I realize my build isn't the best for Reckoning as I brought a lot of squishy models. I really wanted to try out the canine remains and autopsy combo though. The activation control was also huge too. I was also unsure about Rafkin, but wanted to try him out.


Deployment wasn't an issue and I like the corner versus the standard deployment. It also means only 1 corner is in your deployment zone for Power Ritual making that a little better overall. It was a rough game with a lot of dead ressers and a lot of summoning. I had great cards for several turns and was able to summon at least one model pretty much every turn if needed.


Right away had trouble with Perdita on my flank though and I had put the Autopsies and Canines there. That Df7 of hers is awful. I was lucky enough to have drawn the RJ on the first turn though and was able to ping her with poison and then charge her with 2 dogs from quite a distance. They had horrible flips though and only managed a couple of minor points. I was able to activate one the next turn before they were killed and flipped a Severe - that put a big fear that Perdita could go down. Overall a master would not have been my preferred target for the CRs, but if I didn't charge, then Perdita and the Judge would have been able to mow them down without any trouble anyway. I like the tactic though and it can give a great threat range to tie up models.


I didn't play Nico very well as I kept forgetting his Auras (again). At least with all the death he was able to summon and even summon at full Wd thanks to extra corpse markers and his upgrade. The Flesh Constructs (bought and summoned) were great meat shields. One took a full 3 shots from Santiago and was still standing :lol: . I was able to summon in a Shikome and throw it in the face of the Peacekeeper, taking it out in 2 turns. That was a huge relief for me.


I was also really worried about the Lone Marshall, but he spent the game just pinging a couple shots and heading over to try and get power ritual. My Crooked Man intercepted him on the last turn and managed to flip a high :crow for the paralyze trigger (I should have let the rider activate though as he could have killed the Crooked Man in 2 blows and I would have had another corner for Power Ritual and he still wouldn't have had enough AP to drop one himself). The other player had wasted her hand trying to get Perdita out the melee range of a shikome and flesh construct. She had Entourage too and was trying to make sure she was in my deployment zone and not get killed. Sadly those two between them could not manage 1 hit against her Df (my hand was crap the last turn). However the summoned Belle pulling Perdita back after she spent 3ap and several cards to finally get out of engagement from them both was priceless :P


The necropunk was much better than I thought. I see now just how fast they can be and will be taking them more often for scheme running. I wish they were a point less or had another Wd, but overall a good model. I can see 2-3 of them being a real pain to stop. He managed to fly across the board and get another corner for Ritual and even took a couple of shots from the judge and survived to heal himself.


The graveyard spirit was a star though. Not for his Armout+2, but for his card discard mechanic. I only really benefited from it 1 turn (getting 2 autopsies to reactivate - not that they did much), but the threat was huge detriment to my opponent. He also killed 2 models - Santiago and Abuela! They had both been whittled down to 1wd (on different turns) and I really didn't have anything else for him to do, so...charge! His Ml is awful but with a :+fate from Nico and a little luck he was able to hit and that’s all he needed. I wouldn't have needed to do this except that the Lone Marshal got a RJ on Rafkin and killed him in one shot.... He didn't really do much before he died so I may need to try him again.


In the end I had 5vp to her 7vp. Reckoning only cost me 1vp difference (my one to her two - turn 4 & 5 no-on got points). The real killer was Bodyguard on the Judge. I had focused on Perdita and didn't have anything else in range to even try and take out the judge. I tried to knock him down below half once it was announced, but 1 belle and 1 necropunk don't really have a great amount of damage they can do... Nico had to choose moving to get in the enemy deployment zone for extra vp or trying to summon something to take on the Judge (and the corspe markers were not close). I chose to get the for sure VP from Entourage.


Alternatively if I could have killed Perdita and cost her the 2vp for Entourage, we would have tied. I just didn't have the cards at the end to hit her. She made sure to cheat and not let my Shikome get Adversary on her so I didn't even get the :+fate to attack and my flips/hand couldn't do it.


In the end I should have taken a Rogue Necromancy (though last time the Judge had no trouble taking it out) and less small squishy models. However Reckoning wasn't the real vp issue. Not killing Perdita and not getting the Judge is what cost me in the end.


Can't wait for another game. Maybe I’ll take photos next time.

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Yeah. I mean I did get the points I could from it (unrevealed 2vp), but not the best option really. I should have brought a different Henchman and taken bodyguard. I didn't like Protect Territory option much as I couldn't be sure how many models I'd have left at the end of the game, but I suppose it might have been worth trying. A Line in the Sand might have been even better. Have to remember that one next time.

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Yeah, she went with a small group of hard to kill models to avoid Reckoning. Might have backfired if I could have killed Perdita (so close) or had focused on the Judge at all. I was more concerned trying to get my schemes and get whatever points I could for Reckoning.


The Lone Marshall is the only model she didn't really get enough use out of and me killing the Peacekeeper really ruined her offensive plan I think. Shikome are definitely going to be on my summon often list. :D

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