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May Feng 2015 is over - Feedback welcome!


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After the success of September's Curse, it feels apparent that myself and Aaron should be running more events.

Now this may come across as announcing early, but I would like to find out who is interested and how many people we realistically should increase to for this new event.


For more details of how September's Curse went check here:


Best in Faction Prizes:

Best Team Prizes:

Best Painted (Judge's and Player's choice):

Full Podium of Trophies:

The Wooden Spoon:

Soulstones and sweets for everyone:

More sweets:

Water for everyone (might need more if heat wave rumours are correct):

A pair of 50mm markers for every participant:



You can now preorder you May Feng tickets for a discounted price of £13 (Normal price of £15) if you pay during 2014.

Getting money early will mean that we can give better prize support and other goodies on the day knowing how much we have in the kitty and better time to perfect what we have.

People who came to September's Curse last year will always have access to the reduced £13 price and anyone who buys a ticket to May Feng will also have early and discounted price access to September's Curse 2015.

For now, if you still want to come to our above event send your money to SMPWest@hotmail.com via PayPal


If you are looking to get a refund because you find out you cannot make the event, as usual please contact me via PM here or DM on Twitter.
PLEASE DO NOT just pass your ticket on to someone else or sell it.
I would like things to be dealt with safely and correctly and on top of this people who are first on the reserves list should be the one's to get the first chance to a ticket, a simple situation and a fair one.

Please bear in mind, the closer to event you decide you need a refund the more likely you may have to wait.
Do not worry though, the maximum time anyone will have to wait for their money back will be three days, but this is simply to help myself by covering the refund with a new ticket sale and hopefully not having to dive into my own pocket.

This will most likely be about a month prior to the event, again, do not worry I will give a large amount of prior warning and in fact will be a part of the rules pack to keep this clear.

Again, this is only a precaution because the money from the event will be in funding the event, prizes, swag and all other things and I, if possible would like to avoid delving into my own wallet.

Obviously special extreme circumstances may allow very late refunds. Just like rulings at an event though, the TO's decision is final.

Entrants PAID:
  • Adam Perry
  • Dan Tetley
  • Dave Brown
  • David Edgerton-Smith
  • Dominic Westerland
  • Garry Burgess
  • Greg Piskosz
  • Graham Bursnell
  • James Goddard
  • James Harvey
  • James Reeves
  • Jay Walters
  • Jon McCarthy
  • Josh Fletcher
  • Josh Leak
  • Lee Walstow
  • Liz Larsen
  • Luke Cocksedge
  • Maria Wieland
  • Mark Elwood
  • Michael Rees
  • Mike Asquith
  • Mike Hutchinson
  • Neil Harrison
  • Ole Larsen
  • Richard Beams
  • Rob Tozer
  • Ross Hill
  • Sam Wray
  • Solomon Hill
  • Shaun Tetley
  • Tim Brown
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

(Stand in: Jan Proudley)

The "Pre May Feng Meal" list
(The meal itself is at THE RIVERSIDE HARVESTER):

  • Ben (Me)
  • Aaron
  • Jan
  • Mike A(?)
  • Maria
  • Michael Rees
  • Neil Harrison
  • Jon McCarthy
  • Solomon Hill
  • Jay Walter
  • Clousseau
  • +1
  • Dom Westerland
  • Josh Fletcher
  • +1
  • Jake
  • Mike H
  • Sir Reeves
  • Greg Piskosz
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


Tickets for September's Curse 2015 will be on sale to all May Feng participants at the discounted £13 price for 1 week ahead of general sale.

September's Curse 2015 will be a similar event and is going to be on the 27th of September.

Thank you.

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