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Wyrd-O with a Beard-O - Sheffield 7th December


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Moved to 7th December




Yet another tournament at the outpost in sheffield, this one is on Sunday December 7th


This will be a 50ss 3 game fixed faction tournament with fixed strategies:

Squatters Rights (Close deployment)
Stake a Claim (Corner deployment)
Reconnoiter (Flank deployment)

2 hour games, so should have plenty of time for everyone to complete their games.

This will be a Book/Wave 1 and 2 tournament - you'll need either the Arsenal decks from wave 1 and wave 2, or the M2E rulebook/Crossroads. No PDFs please - the decks/books are available.

The Outpost
30 Furnival Gate,
S1 4QP

Rulespack can be found here:




With it being a Sunday you should be able to park on the street for a quid (please check the parking meters just to be sure) otherwise, there is a multistory car park just behind the venue.

Furnival Gate
Multi storey car park
Matilda Way, Sheffield, S1 4QJ
http://www.ncp.co.uk....=Furnival Gate

Tickets are £17.50, include lunch (Joel Henry approved Burritos) and can be bought from the outpost webstore.




Hope to see you there.


Sign Ups:


01. John Wharton
02. David Golden
03. Tim Richardson
04. Robin Everett
05. James Doxey
06. James Doxey +1

07. J.P.
08. Craig Galbraith
09. Martin Whitworth

10. Mark Proudlock,

11. Nick Pratt

12. Craig Johnson

13. Stuart Cain

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