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So after my move away from my previous gaming group I was unable to find any local Malifaux action, I continued to try to work on some things and look for games, but eventually it all started to gather dust.  I worked on a few other projects and such, but after seeing some of the Wave2 stuff coming out (Shenlong!) I've been really excited about Malifaux again.  So as I paint various pieces I'll be posting them again.

I'm anxiously awaiting both Shenlong and the Brewmaster...hopefully we'll have them soon!


First up is a proxy for the Lone Swordsman:





Next, a Dawn Serpent (and I totally ripped off of Mako's example in the last Chronicles!)







C&C appreciated, stay tuned for more.

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Those look fantastic! The colours pop wonderfully and the skin on the Lone Swordsman is crazy smooth and nice. Very good stuff.

One thing I'm not so keen on though is the pillar on the Dawn Serpent's base. It looks very basic and boring and it juts somewhat weirdly from the wood. Some moss, maybe vines of some sort, some roughness, a metal ring, a lantern - something to make it interesting. You could also add something to the base - I love the shadow but it's still a bit empty. Maybe some discarded item or a small animal like a frog or something.

But really looking forward to your next offering - extremely good painting!

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This is insanely impressive work, easily some of the best painting and basing I have seen. The attention to detail is unreal. From the perfectly rakes sand to the Koi in the water you left no area barren. How did you even do the Koi in the water?



The Koi was fairly easy.  I painted what I wanted to be water w/ black mixed w/ a drop of blue.  Once this had dried I mixed some orange w/ the black/blue mix and painted basic shapes of the fish and highlighted them slightly.  I did the same process for the yellow one.  Then, I applied several thin layers of gloss varnish.  After those had dried, I painted a couple more "superficial" fish, and then I added more layers of gloss varnish via brush.  I didn't quite get the depth effect I was going for, and next time I'll probably just pick up some water effects and use that, but it was an interesting experiment.



Thanks for looking everyone, I'll be scrounging around in my bit box for something to add to the DS's base this weekend.


Also, finishing work on some Oiran and a Samurai.  More later.


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