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Back from the dead. A return to Malifaux


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After several years of not playing tabletop games my friends wanted to play some Malifaux, which peeked my interest again. So I decided to start a Ressurectionist crew with Seamus in the van.

I always have enjoyed converting models and wanted to give my Seamus a look akin to Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York. Here is my Seamus after building.

I am thinking of a brown suit with red or blue accents.



Madame Sybelle wants to party too.


Some Belles of course follow Seamus wherever he goes.


I also got some Crooked Men because I like them. Not sure they will work with Seamus but maybe a Belle can lure someone into shaft.


Seamus' hat because he is a classy chap.


And last but not least is this big dandy. I don't see any rules for using avatar yet so he is a proxy for flesh construct or just a cheerleader on my side of the board until then.


Will post some painted pics later. Also need to add the copycat killer which was not packed in my crew box (wyrd graciously and quickly replacing that missing fig)

Fun to get some hobby done and hopefully make some terrain as well.



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