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Lucius vs Levi 50ss Video BatRep

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WARNING: Some adult language.


I realized too late that I cut off the beginning of the video but....


Deployment: Flank
Strategy: Reconnoiter

Scheme Pool:

Protect Territory
Cursed Object


His Schemes:
Protect Territory (Revealed)

My Schemes:
ALitS (Revealed)

Protect Territory (Revealed)

His list:

Leveticus -- 3 Pool
 +Desolate Soul [2]
 +From Ash [2]
 +To the Earth Return [1]
Hollow Waif X 2 [0]
Abomination [4]
Ashes And Dust [13]
 +Scramble [2]
Lazarus [10]
 +Oath Keeper [1]
Rusty Alyce [10]
 +Desolate Soul [2]
 +From the Aether [2

My List:

Lucius -- 7 Pool
 +Aether Connection [1]
 +Secret Assets [2]
 +Suprisingly Loyal [1]
Primordial Magic [2]
Captain Dashel [9]
Guild Lawyer [6]
Guild Rifleman [5]
Guild Rifleman [5]
Gupps [4]
Young Nephilim [6]
Young Nephilim [6]

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