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Creating a gaming group


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School starts on Monday; which means new challenges, new knowledge, and fresh young faces to introduce to the sucker-punch of Malifaux.


I'm not a hard core gamer, but I am involved with the campus gaming group and I'm hoping to drum up interest in the game. I've read some guidelines for running info sessions and the like but I wonder if anyone else has had success doing this sort of thing.

One thought is that the club has a budget for new games and I may be able to appropriate some of it for a couple of starter boxes, so if anyone has recommendations for solid crew boxes that won't totally overwhelm new players I'm all ears - for the record I'm thinking Perdita, Lillith, maybe Sonnia, lists that most people with a mini's gaming background will be able to look at and comprehend. I'm not planning on trying to get people started playing the Brewmaster or Colette.

Any input is much appreciated!

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In general, I think crew boxes that have multiples of the same minion are easier for new players since there are fewer cards to digest.  For example, once a new player understands what one death marshall in the Lady J starter does, they understand 3 of the models.  Perdita isn't a bad starter box, but it's all unique models so it's a bit more of a hurdle for new players.

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I have founded more than a few communities for Malifaux and probably the best advice I can offer is play the game. Be seen playing it often and be sure to use "engaging" terrain (err on the to much side as opposed to the too little) and painted crews. These are the things that attract attention and make people ask questions and feel secure in buying in.


After that a quick demo showcasing only the core mechanics (not the entirety of game or intricacies of the crews employment) with a Master and minion per side is usually all that is needed to cement the first purchase.


Once you have a few regular players (and a few fringe players) kick a league. There are more than a few "unofficial" options out there (mine included) to draw inspiration from.


It can also be helpful to utilize other games they may be familiar with to compare and contrast with Malifaux however be very careful not to disparage the other systems. No game is perfect but nothing sends them away quicker than criticizing a game they enjoy or bought heavily into (and yes that includes Games Workshop games).

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