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Tabletop Simulator Malifaux module

Andrew Little

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Hi guys!


A mate and I just got a copy of Tabletop Simulator on Steam and I've been itching to see if anyone on here would be interested in a Malifaux mod. I've created a custom Malifaux deck of cards to use for a fate deck and for minis I plan on using pics of the appropriate minis which TTS usues to make a paper figure stand. As long as each player owns the cards for the models he plans on using all that is left is terrain. There is a basic dungeon tileset included with TTS but if anyone knows their way around 3D modelling I'm sure something better can be put together.


Before I post it to the Steam Workshop I'd really like to ask permission from the relevent people at Wyrd so if someone knows who I should ask or if you are the person I speaking to please speak up, I really think TTS has a lot of potential for long distance Malifaux.



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A lot of it is just visual, TTS is essentially a 3d physics sim which places a virtual table (literally) in front of you. But to say it was just a 3d tabletop would be doing it a disservice. 


All players can interact with the objects on the table, physically picking them up and moving them around (though they can be locked in place easily). It's mostly oriented towards the board game and RPG community but it wouldn't take much to use it very effectively for skirmish war games like Malifaux.


The main advantage it has over Vassal it that it's a step closer to physically playing the game. Being able to physically pick up and move your pieces feels great, it's a pretty slick interface that's easy to learn and has some powerful functionality built in. It handles decks of cards great, single click to pickup a card, hold to pickup the deck, shake your cursor while holding the deck to shuffle, rotate with the mousewheel or flip a card by pushing 'F'.


It's not quite as precise as I remember Vassal being, you can't step your pieces along inch by inch or display a range circle around a model but you can measure a line just by holding tab and moving the cursor.


It's also fully integrated into the Steam Workshop and it's fairly easy to create your own content.


Even if not for Malifaux I'd recommend checking it out, it's early access at the moment so there should be more features to come before a 1.0 release.

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It sounds like a very good piece of kit, but for me it loses massively over Vassal because it doesn't have the aura and ranged movement. Those are the only things that make it bearable for me to play a game of Malifaux over the internet, as it's just not the same as being face to face across a table for me. :)

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There's a range movement ruler built in (measuring in inches), but no aura options. There are methods though, you just need to get creative. For other games I use a circular model template and simply hover it above the table, using the shadow you can see the distance range. It's not ideal, but then neither is trying to play a tabletop game, virtually, online ;)

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TTS is super slick, but it definitely lacks as a precise tabletop engine versus VASSAL. I'd definitely be interested in another reason to have TTS, though.


As far as TTB, we were playing a TTB campaign using Tabletop Simulator, and it is pretty good, so long as your players are more interested in the game than screwing around with the models.

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