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May Malifaux Night Aug. 29th at JAC Games, Akron Ohio


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Time for our monthly gaming night for Malifaux August 29th.  We will be officially starting at 5:00 pm-ish although some of us get down to start much earlier.  I invite you to post on the local forums at http://jacforum.informe.com or call the shop if you plan to attend or come early.


As always we get together at:


JAC Games

1101 W. Portage Trail

Akron, OH 44313



So come on down and have some fun playing!  Also we have cookies to bribe you! http://jacforum.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=5174

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I think Slapdrone and I should be coming down for it, but I will not be there until 7:00 pm most likely, so hopefully there will still be a decent crop of players.

Regarding the store's site, I signed up for the JAC forums last month, do I could keep in touch with you guys, but as of last night, I have still not gotten my approval or whatever to allow me to sign in or post. I asked Scott about it and he said it took his awhile to go through, but not that long, so did not know if it's the site, or just me

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