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My new guild boxes & Joanna (from Venezuela)


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Hi everyone, its been a while since i posted.


a couple of years back i bought a few boxes of Malifaux to try out the game and finally paint them beautiful minis, you can still see the results from that foray here .


However, time passes, a mind wanders and things change, so I got around to the new edition and the new even more amazing miniatures for this edition, looking forward to play a bit more with the new growing community here in Venezuela ( shout out to my friend Drako!), so I've spent a couple of weeks painting up and here are some results:


Sonnia Criid and Sammael




I painted these first so i could work up to the fiery marshalls in lady J's box, the flame turned out nicely!




Sammael sports an armorcast burst effect found here





Sonnia looking rather pensive in her silver mask





witchlings are a simple affair





tweaked a bit in Snapseed for Android





New Crew, old Lady J.


just not a fan of the new sculpt, but old one was tall enough to mesh with the upscaling!





Scales of Justice




Marshalls, fiery, dangerous, super cool marshalls...




i actually bluetacked the coffin on this one's back, somehow, he looks as if he's being crushed by it...




Faithful Judge, now in more discreet but definitely  arse kicking/blasting attire




leathers turned out nicely



even if she doesnt have flames over her, shes smoking hot, Miss Terious




A friend got her in his Goblin's box, so i nabbed her for my collection. Three strong red heads in Malifaux seemed like a bit too much for me (specially since i divorced a red hed already...), so shes blond and colorful instead of broody. Heres Joanna





Thats it for now, let me know what you guys think!, ill be posting some games later this month.







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