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H: Malifaux, Misses, MTG. PW, DW W: Malifaux & misc


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2x Miss Demeanor (Convict Gunslinger)

1x Nightmare Teddy

1x Hanging Tree LE

2x Multipose Models (from Kickstarter)

Body of Evidence Plastic Box

Voodoo Doll from Kickstarter (numbered 300)

Hardback Through The Breach book

Hannah Freikorps  Archivist

Santana Ortega



Egg Hauler

War Rooster


1st Ed Metal models (are all in varying states of built, message me for specifics)

Von Schill box set

Sonnia Criid Box Set

Lady Justice Box Set

DeadJustice Box Set

Leveticus box Set

Governors Proxy Blister

Guild Austringer 1& 2 Blisters

Guild Guard Blister

Jack Daw Blister

Desolation Engine Blister

Hollow Waif 2 pack blister

Dystopian Wars

1x Covenant of Antarcitca Pericles class Drone Fleet Carrier

1x Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Battle Group

1x Covenant of Antarctica Icarus Class Medium Flyer Blister

1x Covenany of Antarctica Galen Class escort Blister

1x Covenant of Antarctica PRomethus Class Deadnought

1x Covenant of Antarctica Callimachus time Dilation Orb

1x Covenant of Antarctica Ptomely Class Bomber blister


Puppet Wars:

All of the metal puppet Wars boxes


Note, Alot of the Covenant of Antarctica models are assembled (where assembly is required) and a large portion of them have both the weapon attachments magnetized for easy swapping. None of them are painted or primed however.



A mostly complete legacy elfball deck (Including Gaeas Cradle)

Staples from modern, legacy, and standard

If you want a list of the elfball deck, message me. I can also provide you with specific staple cards that I have if you are interested.








Android Netrunner Data Packs

Warhammer invasion


Ascension imortal Heroes, Darkness Unleashed, Realms Unraveled



Relic: *

New or good condition copy of Relic.*


If you have any good board games for trade let me know, I might be interested depending on what it is.

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Interest largely seems to be dying down so I think I might start listing the stuff on ebay within the next few days and updating the thread with links.

I'm looking for the War Rooster, Egg Hauler and Dead Justice box set. Are they still available? PM me with price... :-)

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