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Sleep tight. Have you got your teddy?


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Hey all,

since I've been playing Malifaux, not once have I played a neverborn crew. However I'm going to be picking up the Dreamer crew from the webstore during Gencon. So here's the list I've come up with, it's mostly designed around just summoning everything I need to the table from the word go. If people could please offer tips, thoughts or suggestions that would be great.

The Dreamer - cashe 7
-Otherworldly 2
-Dreams of Pain 5

3 DayDreams 6

Coppelius 8

Mr Tannen 6

Stitched Together 6

Lilu 7

Lilutu 7


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I would consider summoning in one or both of the twins (if you can summon them both in on the first turn then by the time they are both done activating they will basically be at full hp).  I would also consider the "On Dreaming Wings" upgrade for Coppelius if you are going to hire him in the initial crew.  The biggest advantage (besides of course starting at full hp) of hiring something rather than summoning it is that it can take upgrades.  On Dreaming Wings makes Coppelius incredibly mobile with his huge Wk and Flight, turning him into a really nasty objective runner that can go toe to toe with a lot of other objective runners and wipe the floor with them, taking their eyes to become much harder to kill.  


I would also consider hiring in a Teddy to start, as summoning them is difficult and in my experience usually happens about once per game.  If you choose to do this you can give the Teddy On Dreaming Wings and it will become very nasty too (remember though the upgrade is Rare 1 so only one of them can have it). 


Your current list is actually valued wrong by 2 SS, in a list like that at for a 50ss game you would have a Cache of 5, not 7.  Maybe you forgot to add an upgrade or a Daydream?


If I was running a summoning Dreamer at 50ss I would probably run something like:


Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap

The Dreamer -- 7 Pool
 +Dreams of Pain [5]
 +Otherworldly [2]

Daydream X 3 [6]
Coppelius [8]
 +On Dreaming Wings [2]
Mr. Tannen [6]
Teddy [11]


This leaves 10 points for possibly Tantrum, maybe a Doppelganger or Widow Weaver, Lilitu, 2 Insidious Madnesses, a Stiched and a large cache.  You will end up with a cache of 4-5 most likely with something like this.


The list at the end is just what I would run, and I would definitely go with what you like the best, but I would just keep in mind that summoning in Lelu and Lilitu can work out pretty well, summoning Coppelius is probably better than hiring him if you aren't going to take On Dreaming Wings, and having a Teddy out from the start can be nice, it tends to cause the enemy to tunnel vision a bit because it is scary, it has insane regen when the Dreamers' Waking count is low, and who doesn't want the Teddy they summon in to be the second Teddy they are bringing to the field :D .


Hope my inane ramblings helped.  Take this with a grain of salt as I have only played 4 games so far with the Dreamer in m2e, although all were with lists similar to this. 


Most people will tell you not to list build in this game and generally that is good advice, but with some lists it matters less and with the Dreamer it seems to me that what you summon in changes based on the schemes and scenarios more than what you hire.  Some people don't like taking Mr.Tannen to start, but a lot of the rest of it comes down to what you summon in rather than what you start with.

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Agree with above. Lelu and Lilith are staple summons for me, as is Coppelius. Even with TannenI seem to not get Teddy, so I tend to take him along with some scheme runners and summon twins and support as needed, and Teddy 2 when the cards allow. :)


Summoning Lilith!  What does this need, the 13 of :mask AND the Red Joker!?!

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I'm sure you know I meant Lilitu, and sarcasm aside if you google Lilitu you'll find that it means....Lilith! Assyrian or Babylonian earlier version of the Hebrew Lilith (or something like that...)


Culkin was in "The Good Son", where his poor innocent character had his life and mother stolen by the evil schemings of orphaned young Frodo, who wanted the Ring and Culkin's mother for himself!

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