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Hello from Tamworth, Staffordshire.


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Having just registered I thought I should join in and say hello. 
I have returned to miniature gaming after a good 7-9 year hiatus I used to be a Warhammer Fantasy player and dabbled in Mordheim 
I decided to get back into the hobby after stumbling across some old White Dwarf issues in the loft and getting the urge to paint some mini's again, I was also pleased to find out my old gaming club is still running and a new hobby shop has opened up just down the road from me. 
I initially wanted to play Mordheim again however it seems to have been discontinued years ago, thankfully I found out about Malifaux  and it tick all the boxes in what I want in a game, I recently picked up the big rule book and just assembled my first crew box(Children of December)
Anyway enough rambling from me and hello to you all!
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Hi mate, 


I'm in Kidderminster for now, so let me know if you fancy a game anytime.


Worcester has a decent malifaux club apparently, though I've never had/found the time to do. I'm sure dudley does too, along with whatever clubs you have in stafford. 



Other than that, welcome to the forums :) 

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