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Reno/Tahoe/Sparks August Organized Play for Malifaux... *STORY LEAGUE INFO*

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Heroes Games & Hobbies

1289 Baring Blvd

Sparks, NV 89434

(775) 331-0102


Comic Kingdom

595 E Moana Ln

Reno, NV 89502

(775) 827-2928


Merwin's Game Shoppe

4104 Kietzke Ln

Reno, NV 89502

(775) 826-0288



Saturday, August 2, from 5:00 to 9:00 PM at Heroes Games & Hobbies

Saturday, August 23, from 3:00 to 7:00 PM at Heroes Games & Hobbies

*Additional/alternate times can be arranged.  Please contact me at kdkikawa@gmail.com 


Hobby/League Nights-

Saturday, August 2, from 5:00 to 9:00 PM at Heroes Games & Hobbies

Saturday, August 23, from 3:00 to 9:00 PM at Heroes Games & Hobbies *LEAGUE EVENTS*



Saturday, August 16 at 3:00 PM... 50 SS, Gaining Grounds format at Heroes Games & Hobbies


Story League Information-


Please contact me at kdkikawa@gmail.com or at an upcoming organized play event to notify me of your declared faction and to update me on the results of your league games (confirmation on scores from both players in some form is expected).


Story League Rules:

You must declare a faction for the duration of the league that cannot be changed. 

Ø  You are free to use different masters/henchmen and crews throughout the modules and scenarios, but the master used for any special story games will be the one represented in the fiction.

Ø  You will always have an unlimited hiring pool and may choose whichever legal models you like based on the victory conditions.

Attendance at specific hobby or league nights is not required for the initial modules, and you may play games at your leisure with whomever you like, but if you are eligible for any special story scenarios, you must be able to attend the scheduled time if you want to play in them.

Ø  I’ll do my best to work with schedules, but some things cannot be altered.

For one-on-one scenario games, you may not play an opponent more than once during the course of the story league.

Ø  This is to make things as fair as possible and try to get everyone playing a good mix of people in our Malifaux community.  I anticipate 8 separate scenarios in the 4 modules that will be subject to this restriction.

You may play a scenario as many times as you like against different opponents and I will take the average of your reported scores.

Ø  Only the opponent you scored the highest against will count as ineligible for future one-on-one games in other modules, but you may not play the others for any other scenarios in the current module.

Ø  Playing additional scenario games will earn additional entries into league raffles.

The penultimate scenario in each module will narrow down players from among the top scorers in the initial scenarios, and the final module will be a game with the winner of that playing a special story game against me that will require a decision from you that will affect the storyline and future module design.

Ø  A player may is only eligible to play the final scenario against me once during the first 3 modules.

Ø  A player may only play in 2 of penultimate scenario games during the first 3 modules.

Ø  So everyone is on an even playing field, no scores will be added from the exclusive scenarios.

Ø  The final scenario in the last module will take the players with the highest overall scores.

Non-scenario games may also be reported as part of league play. 

Ø  The outcomes for each faction will be averaged and will influence story setting.

Ø  A player from the top represented faction is guaranteed a spot in the penultimate scenarios even if no player from that faction had a top score.

Ø  Outside play will also earn additional entries into league raffles.

A biweekly prize will be awarded to the winner of the penultimate scenario.

Ø  Random prize(s) will be awarded by raffle to non-winners on these dates as well.

A painting contest will be held during the league.

Ø  You must select a previously unpainted model of your declared faction if you wish to enter.

Ø  On week 6, your model will be displayed and voted on, with results being announced on week 8.


Module 1: Curse of the Tormented


Scenario 1- Guilty


Specters have begun appearing before the masters of Malifaux.  These entities remain elusive, and having tracked one to an isolated copse, you notice you are not the only crew in pursuit.


Size- 50 SS


Deployment- Blind (Story Encounter rules)


Special Rules- Flip a card before starting the game.  The winner chooses their role (attacker or defender).


Terrain- At least three forests must be present on the game board.


Victory Conditions-

Major- Search (Story Encounter)

Minor- Distract Scheme

Minor- A Line in the Sand Scheme (revealed)


Kirai carefully considered the specters that plagued her former mentor.  At a glance, they seemed no different than the multitude that ephemerally lingered on the fringes of her awareness in every waking moment; more like background noise than the nightmares they had once been before she had learned dominion over them.  However, these souls did not respond to her will, and she sensed they served another that shared a connection to their torment far deeper than anything she could achieve.


While Nicodem possessed an incomparable ability to sense and control the empty vessels discarded in death, he was generally ignorant of the presence of displaced spirits.  When he had first come, he assumed her to be responsible for their presence and requested she disperse or re-purpose them since she did not seem to be in imminent danger.  Baffled by his request, Kirai assured Nicodem these apparitions were not acting at her behest, but was nevertheless compelled by the old man’s insinuation of her incompetence to investigate. 


From them, Kirai recognized the pervasive agony and rage that allowed the spirits of Malifaux to endure, but also something more; a darkness and guilt characteristic of Malifaux’s condemned criminals that she had typically only felt in the spirits of those who carried a hangman’s noose with them into the afterlife.  The phantoms had now realized her notice and seemed to beckon to her as well.


“So, you really don’t know what they desire?” Nicodem asked.


“I do not, but they seem to act with purpose.  Perhaps we should address them?”


With a sigh, Nicodem leaned forward on his cane and gave her a weary look.  “I have tried.  At first I believed they had come because you were in some sort of danger, but when I attempt to approach them to ascertain their purpose, they simply vanish.  Perhaps you dear will have better luck, but I have no more time or patience for their attentions and will see them sundered if you cannot discover their intent expediently.”


Moving toward ghostly forms, she found they were no more tolerant to her proximity than they had been to Nicodem’s.  Kirai needed but the slightest bit of focus to manifest a Seishin and send it forth on the winds to entwine one of the incorporeal forms.  Unsurprisingly, the seized entity responded with violence, first by infecting her underling with a sense of suffering similar to its own, and then lashing out with its ethereal weapons.  In the blink of an eye, Ikiryo had appeared and now held fast to the apparition, while dispersing its companion with a quick strike of its free hand.  Kirai was always surprised by the violent impulses she felt when Ikiryo took form, but with great concentration, she was able to restrain the malevolence.


Fearing nothing from their adversary, Kirai and Nicodem approached.  Hatred and wrath poured forth from the eyeless gaze of the captive ghost.  It hissed, “Perhaps you are worthy of his notice.  Prove it by annihilating the judgment that blights your days.  Take revenge on the justice that blindly cleaves your ambition.  Do this, and just maybe there is a purpose for you in the war to come.”

With that, the being dissolved into an inky darkness and was gone.


Nicodem feigned a smile that failed to convey even the slightest bit of amusement.  “It would appear another shares your ability to commune with and control the spirit world dear.”


“I think not.  Whatever conscripted that being was its kindred in spirit, something evil, not an agent of vengeance.  Its master is nothing like me.”  Kirai felt resentment flare and noticed Nicodem tense due to his proximity to Ikiryo.


In an attempt to placate her, he was quick to say, “A poor choice of words on my part perhaps.  I nevertheless still suspect the machinations of another Ressurectionist in attempting to enlist us to take down the Guild’s favorite dog.”


And then, another sigh, “It’s not that I wouldn’t mind being rid of the insufferable woman, but if toppling a tower on her doesn’t result in her enlistment to my ranks, perhaps it is a task best left to someone of less sound a mind.”


Unsure if he was referring to the Guild Coroner, the Mad Haberdasher, or both, Kirai simply shrugged. “You have a point, Lady Justice is not to be taken lightly.” 



But her curiosity had been piqued.  Who was this other spirit master? She knew Seamus’ toy Molly could control spirits, but like her, the connection was based on suffering and loss, not the torment and wrath of having been condemned, so it seemed unlikely the girl was involved. 



More importantly though, she had a score to settle with the Guild and its master, and the death marshals were as good a place as any to start…



Scenario 2- Unforgiven Sins


The captured spirit has challenged you to claim vengeance for its master to prove your worthiness.  While resentful of the test, you have a score to settle with the target anyway, so you may as well kill two birds with one stone.


Size- 35 SS


Deployment- Standard


Special Rules- Flip a card before starting the game.  The winner chooses their role (attacker or defender).


Terrain- Flip on the story terrain chart and include a special terrain feature in your game.


Victory Conditions-

Major- Sabotage (Story Encounters)

Minor- Plant Explosives

Minor- Assassinate


The metal gauntlets sang sweetly as Mei Feng arced her tiger’s claws to mark her claim to the destruction of the offices of the Witch Hunters.  Her explosives had worked nicely, and in the ensuing chaos, she had nearly been able to take down Criid.  The woman seemed reluctant to unleash her fiery power even when cornered, and that had almost cost her dearly.  While the woman in the iron mask had managed to escape thanks to the intervention of the troublesome tracker Hopkins, Mei took comfort in knowing it would be the Guild Guard, and not her Foundry men that would be in need of replacement limbs today.


Kang looked comical kneeling down and scouring the scattered papers in the ruins of the main office.  His terse posture betrayed his frustration at being enlisted in a task that was ill suited to his skillset, as it did not involve a hammer.  Thankfully for him, one of the Torakage she had thought to hire from Misaki quickly approached.


“Here is the list you seek.” 


Mei’s appraisal of the document quickly verified the shinobi’s assessment.  “We are done here.  It is time to withdraw before reinforcements arrive.”


Ramos would be pleased with the list of suspected magic users.  His rebels were in dire need of new power with the refusal of the ice witch and the beastmaster to provide reliable assistance.  While the Neverborn presented the same threat they always had, the increased activity of the Gremlins had put additional pressure on the M&SU’s operations.


While certain her efforts would please the M&SU leader, Mei was not so sure she had been successful in what had been tasked to her by the spirit she had encountered a few days previously.  The apparition had demanded she cripple the operations of the Witch Hunters, and while there was little doubt her efforts would provide a setback, she had no illusion the attack would result in any lasting damage to the works of Sonnia Criid.


The withdrawal through Malifaux’s sewers was a tedious, but necessary affair.  While there was little threat of further harassment from the Guild, the underground in Malifaux often held even greater dangers that put not just your body in jeopardy, but your mind and soul as well.  Aware of these perils, Mei was quick to notice the shadows to her left coalesce into the form of the condemned ghost that had haunted her recently.


Though its countenance was full of menace, Mei feared nothing from the being.  “So, have I satisfied the request?” she asked.  While disdainful of being asked to prove her worth, Mei nonetheless felt compelled to get to the bottom of the matter.


“My master considered your performance adequate.  You may yet be a useful tool in the days to come.” The specter paused before adding, “Come to Malifaux’s monument to suffering in 3 days’ time, and there my master will make his final test of your worth.”


And with that, the being was gone again. 


More riddles and another test?  While Mei was not entirely sure her patience could endure much longer, this request was far more innocuous than its predecessor, and at worst, she would make this “master” pay for pestering her…


Scenario 3- The Cursed


At the request of the spirit, you have gathered at Malifaux’s Hanging Tree.  It quickly becomes clear you are not the only one whose presence had been requested.  Around its knotted trunk, you notice some of Malifaux’s most powerful masters assembled.


*Top 4 overall scorers present for Module 1, Scenarios 1 & 2, from August 2- August 23 will participate.  Event will take place Saturday, August 23, from 3:30 to 7:00 PM.  Others may play with this setup as well for fun.


**Jack Daw is not available as a master choice for this scenario


Size- 35 SS


Deployment- Corner


Special Terrain Features- A ~3” Hanging Tree (see special terrain in the Malifaux rulebook) is located at the center of the board.


Victory Conditions-

Major (4 VP max)- Models may take a (1) interact action within 3” of the Hanging Tree terrain feature once per turn to flip a card: Black Joker- the model is removed from play and counts as having been sacrificed; 1-5- the Guillotine Injustice curse is attached to this model face up; 6-10- the Drowning Injustice curse is attached to this model face up; 11-13- the Firing Squad Injustice curse is attached to this model face up; Red Joker- a curse of your choice is attached to this model face up and it gains the Reactivate condition. 

Models with a curse attached face up that reach a board edge may be removed from the game to score 1 VP.  If a curse is flipped face down, it is removed from play.

Minor- Outflank Scheme

Minor- Murder Protégé Scheme (can only be scored once, and must be chosen in secret before the start)


The carnage wrought by the battle brought her pure joy.  Pandora reveled in the slaughter and raw emotion of those who had fallen or fled from the turmoil.  The collection in her little box had grown tremendously this night, and so had the power of her woes, feeding off the misery of the combatants.  The humans had served well as her playthings, and she felt a hint of regret in recognizing the conclusion of their little congregation.


But she had not forgotten why she had come.  In that hideous tree she felt the energy of the old magic which empowered the spirit that had brought her here, and now she would be given an answer for her troubles, or the spirit and its master would know true suffering.


As she approached the makeshift gallows, the ancient bodies decorating its limbs began to stir.  As one, their voices pronounced “We are those condemned by this world and enslaved by its tyrants.  Prove to us your worth and you shall have our power.”


While they spoke collectively, Pandora immediately recognized the most potent rage pour off one entity in particular.  She had no interest in their power, because if she could defeat them, their might was of little consequence.  Their hatred, guilt and rage though, those were things she could use…


Scenario 4- Oldest Magic


You stand before Jack Daw and his tormented determined to end this little game at last and get the answers you have been promised.


*The winner of Module 1, Scenario 3, will play the event organizer in a special game Staurday, August 23 from 7-9 PM, and will make a storyline decision based on the outcome that will affect Module 2’s storyline.


**Jack Daw is not available as a master choice for this scenario


Size- 50 SS


Deployment- Close


Special Rules- The player is the defender for this scenario, and the Turf Marker is a 3” Hanging Tree terrain piece.


Victory Conditions-

Major- Turf War (Story Encounter)

Minor- Take Prisoner

Minor- Vendetta



*Scenario based card flips may not be cheated. 

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