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Malifaux Escalation League in Plainfield, IL


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Malifaux is back at the Wandering Dragon in downtown Plainfield, IL!!


The Wandering Dragon will be hosting an escalation league every other Thursday, starting August 21st and ending October 30th. 


Please RSVP on the meetup, so we can get an idea of how many people are interested. http://www.meetup.com/The-Wandering-Dragon-Game-Shoppe/events/196693812/


$5.00 per night fee.


Week #1(Aug. 21st): 20ss 1 Henchmen no Upgrades

Week #2(Sept. 4th): 30ss 1 Master no Upgrades

Week #3(Sept. 18th): 35ss Available M2E starter boxes only. (M1e or M2e models can be used, but the crew can consist of no additional models.)

Week #4(Oct. 2nd): 40ss 1 Master

Week #5(Oct. 16th): 50ss 1 Master

Week #6(Oct. 30th): 60ss Up to 2 Masters



3 points for a win  
2 points for a draw  
1 point for a loss  
1 point per game played  
1 point per kill of opponent’s unpainted models.



1 extra point per $5 spent on Malifaux or Hobby Supplies at The Wandering Dragon during the tournament nights listed.


All entry fees will be placed into a pool until the end of the league.  All games must be played at The Wandering Dragon and each player must participate in four out of the six event to be eligible for the prizes at the end of the league. 

The winners will be determined by the number of points earned.  In case of a tie the most games played breaks the tie. In case of a further tie the number of wins breaks that tie.  If that matches the portion will be split. 

1st Place – 40%

2nd Place – 30%

3rd Place – 20%

4th Place – 10% 

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