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Ten Thunders Hardcore


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Played in a Hardcore Tourney over the weekend and placed first with the following:

  • Fuhatsu (Leader)
    • Recalled Training - 1SS
  • Kang - 9SS
  • Guild Pathfinder - 6SS
  • Wastrel - 4SS


It was brutal -- didn't lose a single round out of 6. 4 wins, 2 ties. Fuhatsu never dropped below half wounds thanks to healing, stones, HtW +1, and Armor +2.

Fuhatsu parked himself in the Turf War and just let fly. The built-in  :+fate for Gatling Burst makes cover almost worthless to the enemy. Ditching Recalled Training on Fuhatsu meant something was going to die, period. Melting Lazarus in one Activation felt so good.

Kang's aura hosed the two Arcanist players running Joss and full construct lists. Out of the two Ressers players at the event, one was very smart in managing his distance to Fuhatsu under the aura and the other was a mostly Living crew, so I didn't have much luck there. But Kang himself is tanky and an amazing beatstick anyway.

The Pathfinder used From the Shadows to drop into the Turf War and take potshots with those great triggers. The damage on the Musket was impressive too.

The Wastrel either spent games healing Fuhatsu and taking pistol shots or running and tying up the enemy crew.

With so much shooting in this crew, I'm interested in something more melee for any future Hardcore games. Anybody want to share a build they've tried out?

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