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MeepleFaux - Escalation League Starts August 4th, Toronto ON

SuperFly TNT

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Meeplemart is happy to announce MeepleFaux, its inaugural Malifaux Escalation League beginning August 4th and runs for 5 weeks.  The emphasis of the league will be on participation and fun.  It will be great for both new players of Malifaux, those returning from the previous 1.5 edition or veterans of the current game.


League Information:


Each week of the League will have a set soul stone limit for the construction of crews. Deployment and Strategy will be pre-determined. Schemes will be determined randomly as outlined in the Malifaux 2nd edition rulebook.


  • Week 1 (Aug. 4 – 10) – 30 SS, Standard Deployment, Turf War.
  • Week 2 (Aug. 11 – 17) – 35 SS, Corner Deployment, Reconnoiter.
  • Week 3 (Aug. 18 – 24) – 40 SS, Close Deployment, Reckoning.
  • Week 4 (Aug. 25 – 31) – 45 SS, Flank Deployment, Squatter’s Rights
  • Week 5 (Sep. 1 – 8) – 50 SS, Random Deployment, Stake a Claim.


A possible 3 league points may be gained for each game:

1 Point for playing (win or lose) + 1 bonus Point for a fully painted crew + 1 bonus for the first game against another player.


Players are free to switch between factions and leaders for each game. 

There are additional Bonus points available through the two painting achievements. Paint a new model for your crew during the league and gain 1 bonus point (to a maximum of 3). Finish a new crew during the league and receive 3 bonus points. This stacks with the new model achievements, so the three single models can also be part of the crew.


All Wave 1 & Wave 2 models are allowed for this League. Proxy models may be used for figures which have not been released by Wyrd, provided they are easily identifiable and appropriate. Only Official Wyrd Miniatures models count towards the painting achievement bonus points as well as the bonus point for playing with a fully painted crew.


League games must be played at Meeplemart. Mondays nights at the store are scheduled for Malifaux and that’s when you’ll be most likely to find opponents. If you cannot attend on a given Monday you can try schedule a game with league members on another day but please try to complete the missed game before the start of the next week. Monday September 8th will be the final night of the league and the last chance to accumulate points. You can play a “make up” game from a week that was missed or engage in a “regular” game, determining everything randomly.


Entry Fee and Prizes:


The entry fee for the Malifaux Escalation League will be $5.

All fees collected will be split into 2 prizes for all participants who complete the League (play at least one game for week.) 50% will be awarded to the player who accumulates the most league points and 50% will be raffled among the remaining players. 



Contact Info:




P: 647-503-1236
E: info@meeplemart.com
247 Spadina Ave.
Lower Level
Toronto, Ontario M5T3A8



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