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For the next update...

Da Git

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Couldn't find anything, but here is something I'd like for the next update. 


The size of the Komainu is wrong.  Currently it's on a 30mm base, it should be 40mm.





If anyone else has something for the next update of Vassel, feel free to post it here!

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I love the program and all the work done on it. I'd like to see an option to turn on the center line (horiz, vert, or diagonal) without having the green/red shades denoting deployment zones. Not a big deal, just a mild annoyance to me.



Also would be nice if the Upgrades boxes didn't get stuck/unusable after you placed them down.

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Other things that would be great:

Markers for the new GG strats (e.g. 50mm Stash marker, 30mm informant marker, etc.) -- and also include them in the list of Strategy options.

EITHER condition-counting options for Dreamer's Waking status and Yan Lo's Chi (and I presume there are plenty of other models who would appreciate something similar), OR some generalized, non-specific counter for such things -- we've been using 'Blight' as such, but (A) that will be annoying if we start to use Hamelin, and (B ) something non-specific would avoid that problem. And unless there was a way to limit the 'Dreamer-waking' counter to Dreamer models, the length of the list of options would get unwieldy, I realize.

Seconding the usefulness of upgrade cards -- also good for Shenlong.

Not sure if anyone is working on this currently, and no pressure if anyone is, just think it's useful to keep a list like this going....

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