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Malifaux League London Ontario!!


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At the Game Chamber 1700 Dundas St., Unit 2, London, ON N5W 3C9 519-601-4263


Malifaux Victory Point Accumulation League Rules


This League will be a victory point Accumulation league, the rules are:

- You may play as many games as you want each week, as long as they are played at the Game Chamber. Remember that the new League week starts each thursday at 6:30pm. Games that start after that time are part of the next week.

- Each Weeks Top 3 Victory point scores will be kept for you week's score.

- the league will run for 4 Weeks with the deadline for starting a game being the end of league night thursday August 21st. 

- at the end of the league I will be awarding an additional 3 points for each different opponent you have played during the league.

- Because i like messing with things Each week i will be throwing in random objectives worth varying amounts of points.

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