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Malifaux Beginner League, Uxbridge MA


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The Citadel
660 Douglas St. Uxbridge MA 01569
15 July - 12 Aug - (week 0, Jul 8) -Tuesday Night 5pm - 10pm
Malifaux beginner leauge 
max 2 games per week 
2 points for Draw
1 point for loss
Points are cumulative for entire league and results are determined at the close of league.  There will be no points for week 0.  
+1 point for fully painted crew (no painting rules except that there needs to be clear evidence effort was used, 
i.e., not just primed)
-Play 1 declared faction.  
-Knowledge\Practice with the rules.
-Dual factions masters must be declared as the faction chosen at start.  
-"Initial crew box" clarification - Current ME2 Crew box components.  if you are using M1E crew box, you may include any models that comprise the M2E box (if one exists).  if none exits, you may include a henchmen and totem specific to your master.  If your master summons, only additional original crew box minions can be summoned and you must have the models.  
-Proxy Clarification - if no wyrd model exists, you may proxy a model matching the same approximate heigth and base size.  model must be visibly recognizable as the model you are proxying.  I.E. you cant use a warjack to proxy for the Firestarter.  
Week 0 - testing the waters (for the beginners, or everyone)
SS: 30
Special Rules: Initial crew box only
Strategy (deployment): Turf War (Standard)
Schemes: TBD during game
Week 1 - a little more familiar
SS: 35
Rules:  initial crew box
Strategy (deployment): Squatter's Rights (Standard)
Schemes: TBD during game
Week 2 - initiation
SS: 40
Rules: can add minions from out of initial box (one type, i.e. metal gamins, drowned, etc)
Strategy (deployment): TBD during game
Schemes: TBD during game
Week 3 - whos that?
SS: 40 
Rules: can add one out of box crew enforcer or henchman (in addition to week 2 minion)
Strategy (deployment): TBD during game
Schemes: TBD during game
Week 4 - getting interesting
SS: 50
Rules: no crew restrictions besides faction (original master)
Strategy (deployment): TBD during game
Schemes: TBD during game
Week 5 - I'm in charge now
SS: 50
Rules: can use different master/crew, same faction.  
Strategy (deployment): TBD
Schemes: TBD
Prizes (most likely store/henchmen credit): 
1stL: TBD
Best fully painted crew (judged by myself, Matt and Corey):TBD
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