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Does plastic glue work on the new models?


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Might be an obvious question but does normal plastic glue such as GW plastic glue or contacta professional work on the new miniatures? I ask because it only recently occurred to me that they might and I find applying super glue to be extremely difficult with such small contact points and angles. If plastic glue does not work can anyone recommend a precision super glue applicator sold in Australia?

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i swear by the testors model masters plastic cement.... black bottle red letters. it has a super tiny metal tube. this is great because it lets you control the flow so much better. and plastic glue uses less liquid than superglue so control is good. the metal tip does not react with the glue, so the top shouldnt close up, and if you leave the top off or bottle tipped on its side, its a simple matter of scraping the rubbery dried liquid off the metal tube with a fingernail.


this one:


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