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H: Mark 2 cards W: Eh.


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Doing some summer cleaning, and I have some Malifaux Mark 2 duplicates.


If you're interested, shoot me a PM. These are just the cards, and since they can get shipped in an envelope, I'm doing it for karma.


Arcanists Stat Cards



 Howard Langston

 Brass Arachnid






Arcanist Upgrades

 Feral Instincts

 The Hunger Cry

 The Trail of the Gods

 The God's Domain


 Pack Leader

 Electric Summoning

 Bleeding Edge Tech

 Open Current

 Combat Mechanic

 Under Pressure

 Field Generator


Guild Stat Cards

  Lady Justice

  Scales of Justice

  The Judge


  Samael Hopkins

  Purifying Flame


Guild Upgrades

 Justice Unleashed

 Last Stand



 Unrelenting Leader


 Witch Hunt

 Disrupt Magic

 Flames of the Pit

 Cherufe's Imprint

 Counterspell Aura

 The Mask

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