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Tannen with Guild thread


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So I was reading in a Neverborn thread about using Tannen with models that can make large numbers of models take unopposed checks, since with the extra cost to cheat they are likely to have difficulty with that additional cost.  Here are the models I have thought of (assuming lucius with suprisingly loyal, because otherwise Tannen isn't involved anyways)


Executioner and Peacekeeper- Horror Duel

Sam- Flaming Bullets

Sidir I think???

Doppelganger, tannen, candy- manipulative



Are there any other models you can think of that either have TN duels to act or pulse based TN duels? 

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Guild Guard can 'Menace' targets near Tannen, horror duels are a bit more scary out of activation.


Also don't forget the Performer, a well timed seduction can give your opponent a major headache, and a Lucius crew has a lot of crafty ways of setting it up.  Lucius walks up to a group of enemies, uses 'What Lackey's Are For' to place Tannen and a scheme marker into that group.   Issue Command the Performer to cast seduction targeting the scheme marker... and manipulative is up on both the Performer and Tannen... Brutal.  And if she gets killed, you can probably get a reactivate out of the deal since Lucius tends to take a ton of minions.


While not directly benefiting from the discard to cheat ability, in any situation where you are draining your opponent's hand, Kill Triggers, like from the Executioner, Nino, and the Exorcist (vs Ressers) are all worth considering.   Its a symbiotic relationship, since the discard is especially scary when dealing with decapitates.


EDIT:  Also consider the Governor's Proxy.  He can throw down some heals, and if you can keep him near Tannen that TN13 WP duel or die becomes a bit more scary.

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