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The Summer of S'omer (Brewmaster's building a crew)


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So that I have one nice collectable thread, I post HEAH!


Since I plan on playing in some stuffs at Gencon, and since S'omer in theory will be plastic'd before Gencon, I'm going through a rather elaborate "Coolifying" of my stuff. Gremlin Scheme markers, corpse markers, the works!




Corpse Marker


Already chatted about Trixie, so here goes about the marker: I was wandering Gencon last year I believe when I found these SUPER cool 30mm corpse bases. Bit expensive, but for something I'm going to use with a noticable consistency, might as well, right? Enter my art friend with access to this 'water plastic' stuff. With a little more finesse, I REALLY think these will turn out HOSS.


Next up down the pike:

My first couple of Bayou Gremlins

Mancha Roja

Scheme Markers.

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i buy lots of stuff from these guys. good people. they also  have a nice selection of weathering powders, and scenic base stuff. everything from scale bricks, to seasonal leaves, to snow products, to terrain, to brass etch. 

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The thread RETURNS! I've been a little busy working on making the bayou come to me, and I'm happy with the results!


The following is the mostly based and primed army marching to Gencon with me!


First up, A sample of me boys!


Then, the best 80's punk band evar!


And some boring stuff Here and Here


S'omer standing next to what should be a fun conversion


And... 2 Ht 3 models?


Just picked up some plastiky bit I can glue to a base to help with the Mosquitos, but honestly I'm ready to try this painting nonsense people seem so keen about ^_^

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