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We had a day of demos (which stretched from the intended five hours to nine and a half hours as people kept coming up and asking for demos) that went really well, followed by a small tournament on Sunday. 


It was just a small group (some regulars were off on vacation), and was no masters, which some people thought was odd.  By the end, however, everyone had a really great time and had fun making their Henchmen into the stars of the show, instead of just supporting characters for their Masters.  Joss ended up taking the day after victories against Alyce, Ryle, and Myranda. 


All in all, a pretty great weekend!

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I ran a Hardcore style tournament, but only my 4 core gamers showed up. I had them each play each other once and then ended the event with the 4 player encounter which ended in a draw between two players. They had fun and that is what mattered. I played Pangya Golf the whole time. :P

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Owing to various developments, I wasn't certain how my free Wyrd Weekend was goingto be until quite late, so I only managed to organise a day of hobby and games. Hopefully next year I can get something a bit better organised, but still got a few people demoed to and took a guy through his second Marcus game.


His next one I'll try not to red joker Myranda and the Cerberus simultaneously. Bad Ross.

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I painted, got quite a lot of done actually, finished 2 Necropunks, 1 Punk Zombie, got good progress on a Flesh Construct, one more Hanged, 2 Canine Remains. Also I assembled my Alt Nico, he stole Marcus' staff to make him more like Mr. Nicodem the Voodoo priest rather than a gentleman, make good progress on my Desperate Mortimer, it's the Desperate Mercenary sculpt (which is fantastic but I never have enough SS for mercs and I don't really like the other two Mort sculpts, so two birds with one stone and all that) with a shovel on his shoulder pulling a Crooked man by the hair from a grave, still needs some work on his base and all but progress :) 


Takes my weeks total of painted models to 2 Necropunks, 3 Punk Zombies, 2 Crooked Men, 2 Vultures :) 


Also I played some friendly Vassalfaux. 

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Wyrd Weekend?  I managed to only get in a single game and build some TTCombat terrain.  No pictures at this time.

The game was my second of this year (stupid work-school schedule has killed my gaming) so for that reason alone I was pretty happy to get it in.

The game was a 40ss game of Squatter's Rights fought between my Somer lead gremlins and my opponent's Latigo crew.  The scheme pool was: Line, Assassinate, Distract, Take Prisoner and Frame for Murder. The deployment was flank.

While we normally use quite a bit more terrain in WarmaHordes games than other meta's this Malifaux game ended up with quite a bit less terrain than we would normally use for Malifaux.  The reason for this was that I had just played a WarmaHordes game on the table (getting a quick assassination win) and was too lazy to rearrange/add more terrain.

Anyway, with the fairly open range, the shootout began.

Somer had
2 Skeeters
2 Bayou Gremlins
2 Slop Haulers
1 War Pig
1 Hog Whisperer
The Pull My Finger (no really, pull it) upgrade, Get Yer Bro upgrade and Dirty Cheater
He selected Frame for Murder (on one of the slop haulers) and Take Prisoner (on the Austringer)

Perdita brought
Nino (the reason I didn't select distract)
1 Austringer
and various upgrades
She selected Distract (not sure why) and Assassinate (yeah, I should have seen that coming)

I didn't take good notes, so only highlights/lowlights follow:

  • boo: Warpig falls short of reaching Nino in combat and gets murdered by Perdita and Nino
  • yay: Hog Whisperer goes reckless and kills Nino in return
  • yay: Somer summons ~6 gremlins over the game
  • boo: Perdita shoots him in the head on turn 3 for full VP (Santiago had softened him up)
  • boo: Perdita follows that up by murdering 3 more gremlins in a single round of shooting (one of which was a slop hauler, but not the Frame for Murder target)
  • yay: A Slop Hauler charges and kills Perdita (this Slop Hauler was the Frame for Murder target, and he was just trying to make sure that she turned around and killed him, ooops)
  • yay: activation superiority allows my to flip squat markers while Perdita's crew manages to only flip one. That was done turn 5 to attempt to stop me from scoring a 4th vp from the Strategy, but failed because reckless and activation superiority (still, despite all of Perdita's kills) allowed me to flip a different squat marker.

End result was a 4-3 victory for Somer with only the Frame for Murder slop hauler surviving, while Francisco and the Austringer carried Perdita's broken body back to the Latigo compound, in shame...

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Malifaux Madness 2014

I organized the crazy tournament format I always dreamed of. Planed it often with 40K but there wasn't really a chance.

This Wyrd weekend, Malifaux Miniatures and System was perfect to finally make the dream come trough ;-)

Saturday a group of 16 players + me drafted M2 startboxes with a funny dice mechanism. Then we all started building and

painting the new drafted crews. This went n until Sunday morning hours. Some players started to test there new crews to get

prepared for the tournament on Sunday. 2 Players dropped out so there where 14 participants for the tournament.

While playing a 4 rounded tournament we also voted the best painted new crew. Winners where (1)Perdita, (2)Rasputina and (3)Yan Lo.

We played the tournament with 30SS and the starterbox only. The tournament winners where. (1)Rasputina, (2)Ramos, (3)McMourning and (4)Nicodem.

For pics search twitter with #malifauxmadness . I will try to put pics and detailed results on.

This was one hell of a weekend! And the feedback says: next year I should do something like this again. So I will vote for #WyrdWeekend2015 ^^

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I ran a tournament at Cptn Nemo's in San Luis Obispo CA

40 ss, single faction.  We had 8 players (a pretty good turn out for our area) including 3 fairly new players, one of which had only played one turn of a game before this (special thanks to all of his opponents for being great and working with him).

We had 6 tables set up in various configurations.

And the trophies were made of old pineapple grenade hulls (that I forgot to get pictures of....)  I'll see if I can get a pic.

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