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My Kitbashed Trixiebelle


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Just as it says


It took a lot of patience and a powertool, but I have created a totes legal proxy for one of my favorite Henchwomen. For those playing at home:


Partly Ophelia

Partly the dress of a Mannequin

Partly bits from the Hats and Guns of Malifaux sprue



Painting should shine it up a bit, and I also plan on "Bayou"ing a multitude of bases.

Next up in the pipe:

-Mancha Roja

-Bayou Bases

-Corpse Markers

-Scheme Markers

-Waiting patiently for the plastic S'omer box

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Wyrd's art is hillbilly redneck through and through, while Brewmaster's kitbash is more old west. Both imaginings fit well into the Malifaux background, but for a Gremlin character I'd argue that the Hillbilly look fits better. Not to dis' Brewmaster's effort of course, which is still fantastic.


As for the Trixie's unnaturally large bust, well, ask your normally endowed wife/partner/girlfriend/willing participant to lean forward like that, without the usual "support wear", and compare the result to Trixibelle's art. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't need a massive bust size to achieve that effect. :) 

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Ah, thank you for posting that! Certainly a different look than I thought it would have but that might not be a horrible sculpt. The only thing I'm weary about is the hat - obscuring the face leads to a boring mini, unless you view it from eye level, which isn't common on the tabletop.

I just hope that we'll see the mini come out this year (I think we've now seen all of Ma's likely starter box, so she's probably the first one of the second wave Gremlin boxes which is nice, since I'm really waiting for her and Brewie to come out).


I just realized that I didn't comment on the original conversion here at all - I got to say that I really like it! You could consider making the bust line a bit more modest with some green stuff work, though. Not much is needed, but maybe a bit.

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Given that Trixie's going to be spending the most time with my Lacroix and somewhat with S'omer, combined with my liking the old west elements a bit more, this is the vibe I dig. But Rathnard, as a fellow Gremlin player I think we can agree that the REAL winners in the end are everyone :)

I really appreciate the positive feedback everyone! I was a bit nervous about it, but good to see people are digging it.

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