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I enjoy helping others learn new tricks when painting, and love learning new tricks from others.

Often, on a forum, you'll see fantastic painting blogs, where the artists will happily answer questions about their work, or threads where people ask how to do certain things; how do I make a balanced model, how do I paint/highlight green... how do I scratch-build an entire character! I figured it could be helpful to have a single thread meant as an ask/advise thread.


Feel free to ask questions of veteran painters here, and hopefully enough veteran painters will peek in every now and again that we can help others either ourselves, or direct others to various tutorials we've found helpful in the past.


And of course, no condescension: Any question, no matter how straightforward it may seem, is worth the asking!

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Heh, yeah it can be.. For me, even having a blog (link in signature) I find I paint in such a way that stopping and taking pictures can be difficult. (That's why there's so few in-progress shots of me painting a certain area.)

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To be honest I have never even noticed your signature. Have you considered making it larger or changing the color?


If you don't paint an entire mini in one session you could just take a picture at the end of each session and explain what you did that time. That still shows a lot of information.

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