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nagash got stuck on a side project


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OK so this was supposed to be a quick step back into 40k painting, for a small 5 man squad. boy was i wrong. between this project and a certain MMO that shall remain nameless because elder scrolls online is not here to defend itself,  i have totally slacked off on my wyrd painting. But this model is nearly done, and the other 4 models are equally done, minus the cammo cloak. 


the cloak was done by unfolding medical gauze, inking it in a cammo pattern and then gluing it to the plastic cloak on the model(after painting the cloak). next i got 3 colors of thread, and cut a ton of short pieces. i would unravel and fray one end, then apply glue to the other end and place it on the cloak using tweezers. rinse and repeat a lot of times. the shoulders were fugly and a pain as the thread didnt weigh enough to droop down the rounded edge of the shoulder and like shingles, you need the next layer to cover the ugly attachment point of the previous layer. getting sick of the project and not wanting to just add static grass on the shoulders, i went with the paper leaves. 


sorry for the lighting, it was way too harsh. it added a gloss on the armor that is not there in person, and the colors are a bit bleached. the leaves are really yellow, light brown, and a faded red.









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