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September's Curse 31st August 40ss Singles Tournament, Bournemouth


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Hello All,

Feels like about time I ran a second Malifaux event down south, so here it is.

We have finally pinned down a date and venue.

Sunday 31st August (not quite septemberfaux!)

Tuckton Social Club

Tuckton Road





There will definitely be trophies for;

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Best painted (players choice)

Best painted (judges choice)

Other details we are considering include;

More prizes, for example Cult of September - best team performance. (Note that registering as part of a team is not compulsory, it is still a singles event. The team trophy will be an additional prize awarded to the team with the highest average VP difference. A team can be 2 or more players)

Saturday night gaming (the hall has been booked for setup saturday night)

Keep checking back, this thread should be updated regularly as we aquire more details and settle on more of the finer issues.

Please post up if you're interested, we are currently looking at a 28 player event.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you there,


Entrants list;

1. Mike Marshal -

2. Martin Wodehouse - Arcanists

3. Lee Battrick

4. Matt Spooner

5. Mike Asquith - Arcanists

6. Stuart Snares

7. Jan Proudley - Gremlins

8. Ben Sime - Arcanists

9. Luke Cocksedge - Outcasts

10. Matthew Clarke - Ten Thunders

11. James Goddard

12. Richard Beams - Gremlins

13. Steve Deeps - unpaid

14. Mark Elwood

15. Josh Leak

16.Ole Larsen - Neverborn

17. Liz Larsen - Outcasts

18. Matt Evans - unpaid - Ressurectionists

19. Joe Wood - Guild

20. Adam Wheeler

21. Henry Whitcher - Unpaid - Arcanists

22. Ben Harris - Outcasts

23. Josh Fletcher - Outcasts

24. Benjamin Crowe - Neverborn

25. Austin Capewell - Gremlins





Here is the rules pack, big hand to @Psientologist for writing it up.

September's Curse

Sunday August 31st

with festivities Saturday 30th

Tuckton Social Club

Tuckton Road





Plenty of parking around the back.

Saturday Festivities:

We have the event hall from 6 - 10, this time will be used by the organisers to set up the venue.

However as 4 hours is a lot of time, all entrants to the event will be able to come to the venue in the evening, where will be playing board games, hanging out and maybe even some Malifaux whilst we all head to the pub afterwards.

We'd love to see people travel down the night before to join in these festivities, plus who likes mornings anyway?

Sunday Main Event:

9:00 - 9:15 Venue opens and sign ups.

9:15 - 11:00 Round 1

11:00 - 12:45 Round 2

Lunch Break

13:30 - 15:15 Round 3

15:15 - 17:00 Round 4

17:00 - 17:30 Award Ceremony

We will also quite likely be going for a meal the Sunday night for anyone who can stick around.

Games will be 40 soulstones, fixed faction and fully painted.

The event itself will be using Gaining Grounds 2014 with a few exceptions:

Conversions and Proxies.

Proxy models will absolutely be allowed, but please ask on the forum or email aaronbailey17@hotmail.com about anything you are unsure about.

Also if possible please bring the original Wyrd version of the model just in case.

If there are any models you are worried you will not have the originals for, or maybe not ready in time please drop Aaron an email as we will endeavour to help you out where we can.

Schemes and Strategies.

Though the event is in August, using the spirit of September we will be running the Gaining Grounds Strategies of the Septemeber - December period with the exception that Round 4's strategy will not be a repeat.

For those without Gaining Grounds at hand this equates to:

Round 1 - Stake a Claim/ Steak a Clam - Standard Deployment

Round 2 - Turf War - Close Deployment

Round 3 - Reconnoiter - Flank Deployment

Round 4 - Reckoning - Corner Deployment

Scheme pools for the event will be flipped on the Saturday night.


Awards will be given to the following:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Last Place

Best Painted - Judge's Choice

Best Painted - Player's Choice

To qualify for best painting, players who want to enter will need to leave out and display 30+ soulstones worth of models from the faction they are playing (including anything out of faction legally hired).

These will need to be displayed at Lunch time, this is where the Judges and players will get their chance (and all should do so) to vote for who they deem the best.


The "Ben Halford Award of Excellence" which will be awarded for excellence (as determined by Aaron Bailey).


Best Team.

To confirm, this event is a SINGLE PLAYER event, however, we will if enough teams enter, be doing a prize for the team with the best VP differential at the end of the day.

Teams must consist of 2-4 players and we hope to see some clubs/gaming groups showing their colours.

Also during the day there will be spot prizes given out, the way in which to win these will be revealed on the day, but please be aware these will be up for grabs for anyone playing at the event.

Player Responsibility:

The TOs want this event to be a fun, casual, nice experience.

The event is ranked, but people should act with respect for eachother.

It goes without saying that anyone causing distress at this event may be kicked out.

Respect should be had for eachother, the TOs, the terrain and the venue itself.

Eating and drinking is allowed on the site but it is each persons responsibility to be consdierate and tidy up after themselves, rubbish bags and/or bins will be provided and anyone seen not using them may be ejected.

However, we are adults (kind of) so let's hope none of this stuff will need to happen.

Lastly it is also each players resposibility to make sure they have everything they need for the event, to confirm this includes:

Your Crew – Fully Painted

Official M2E stat and upgrade cards

Tape Measure

Fate Deck


Scheme/Corpse/Scrap and any other relevant counters for your crew.

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I am interested. Is this ranked event/a team friendly/both? Am definetly interested but would like to know more. Team size/format in particular...!

Teams wise I think will be max 4 players, will likely be fixed faction, so when I ask you to declare your factions you *may* declare a team name at that time. Team with highest Vps total over the weekend will receive a prize. Teams will not be taken into account regarding pairings after round one.

The event will be ranked as well, unless anybody has any strong objections?


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Quite a bit of discussion tonight about tournament plans.


Just need to hear back on a couple of things and pack should be up over the course of the week and then the tickets should go on sale very soon.


Lots of cool things will be happening.

We actually have the hall from 6-10 the night before so will be playing board games and stuff while setting up for the Sunday then probably off to a pub.


How many people will be coming down the Saturday before, especially now this will be going on?

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So; ladies and gentlemen! Tickets will be on sale this very Sunday (15/6) at midday.

£10 per person, paid via paypal to aaronbailey17@hotmail.com

There will initially be 20 places available, we are looking to do a trial set up soon to see if we can squeeze any more tables in, if it is indeed possible, the top reserves will be added to the entrants list.

If anybody is interested in coming down for the Saturday night it will be a good laugh and we'd love to see you. We will be hanging out at the venue, but of socialising, some board games, you'll be free to play practice games on the tables, then off to t'pub to continue the festivities with dinner and a few drinks.

Spoiler; We have also sourced some lovely limited edition boxed sets to be won! Courtesy of simple miniature games.

Cheers for stopping by!

Aaron :)

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