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For Sale / Trade: Lucius, McCabe & Guild Stuff


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Hi all,

As the title says, looking to sell or trade Lucius, McCabe and friends.

After cash or Resurrectionists - I have Iron Zombies, Necropunks and Izamu, but other than that pretty much a clean slate. Of particular interest are Molly, Necrotic Machine, Rotten Belles and/or on-sprue Yan Lo and friends. Also looking for Ryle should anyone have him

I'm UK based.

List of models (assembled and primed black unless otherwise noted);

Lucius SOLD

2 Guild Lawyers SOLD

McCabe (foot and mounted) SOLD

Sidir SOLD


2 Wastrels (cane behind head man, chains on wrists man) SOLD

Kamaitachi proxy (Otherworld Giant Weasel)

Warden SOLD

Metal Niño Ortega

Metal Executioner

2 metal Guild Hounds

Guild Guard Captain (unpainted)

Pathfinder plus Clockwork Traps SOLD

Austringer 1 (crouching) SOLD

Rusty Alyce (new in blister)

Will arrange pics on request.


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