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Malifaux Tournament in Parramatta, NSW, 1/6/14

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Sunday 1/6/14, $15 entry fee, Register instore. 
11.00am-11.30am – Registration
11.30am-1.00pm - Game One
1.00pm-1.45pm – Lunch break
1.45pm-3.15pm – Game Two
3.30pm-5.00pm – Game Three
5.00pm-5.15pm – Results announced
90 minute games
Maximum of 12 players
2.0 Rules
TP/DIFF/VP Scoring format
40 Soulstone Games. Players may bring a hiring pool of up to 80 Soulstones and a single Master. A list should be available before the first game starts of the models in your pool. 
Upgrades do not count towards your hiring pool. 
Proxies and conversions allowed, as long as the models are indicated to what they are before the game starts
No painting requirement for this tournament, however a Best Painted may be awarded if there are enough attendees
1st/2nd/3rd place prizes to be announced (Likely store credit)
Players are responsible for supplying:
Crew models
Rulebooks and official Wyrd stat cards (See notes for Wave 2 models below)
Fate Decks
Measuring Tape
Wave 2 Rules and Errata
Competitors using Wave 2 models and rules are responsible for supplying their own stat cards, printed before the game. Wave 2 cards are available at this link:
Competitors should also be familiar with the latest Errata, available here:
If you are using an Errata'd model or upgrade, you should have a printed copy of this page as well. 
Avatars will not be used in these games. 
Strategies and schemes, and deployment
Strategies and scheme pools will be pre-selected for each game. Deployment will also be pre-determined for each game. Some tables may have play areas larger than 3x3 available, in which case borders will be provided to indicate the table edges. 
Best Painted
If there are a large enough number of entrants, everyone will be asked before the lunch break to display a legal 30SS crew (Henchman or Master led) crew. All entrants will be asked to note down their favourite before the start of the next game, and the winner will be announced with the final scores. 
Game One:
Standard Deployment
Strategy: Squatters Rights
Schemes: A Line In The Sand, Protect Territory, Distract, Vendetta, Take Prisoner
Game Two: 
Flank Deployment
Strategy: Turf War
Schemes: A Line In The Sand, Assassination, Breakthrough, Plant Explosives, Murder Protege
Game Three:
Corner Deployment
Strategy: Reckoning
Schemes: A Line In The Sand, Outflank, Bodyguard, Power Ritual, Deliver A Message
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