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H: Resurectionists & Arcanists W: £


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I have near enough every Resurectionist & Arcanist model, and i am looking to get rid of it due to pre second edition there was 13 models i did not own, and i have to many systems, and to little time to make use of 7 factions, and so i am creating some space for myself, and wanting to get rid of most of the, if not all of the metal parts i have for these factions.


To be clear, i an wanting to keep anything relating to Yan Lo or Mei Feng, and possibly Raspy as i like how she is painted in the new Plastics, though that is not a certainty, if it is important to get her, i am sure i shall add her to the group :)


I am currently only intending to sell these as a faction lots currently.


Ressurectionists i am looking for around £330, some of it is painted, some of it unpainted. And Most of the Kirai stuff has been painted professionally. Assuming they still have everything i own listed, it would cost roughly £415 new, and if you like i can also provide the wave 1 cards for them. There is also a Miss pack included in this if you want that in as well.


Arcanists i am looking for around £280, again some of this is painted, some of it not. Buying it all new, including the raspy parts, would cost roughly £360, Again if wanted i can include Wave 1 arsenal decks. Also note, there is last years Gencon Exclusive in there, Miss Step if you want that in as well.


As a reminded i am sure the total is higher, but i do not think it is all listed on Troll Trader :)


Prices are rough and not perfect, and have been worked out based on The Troll Traders Prices currently.


Postage can be discussed later on, but i would expect it to be roughly  £20 if staying within the UK, though i will be tracking and insuring this obviously, as i do not want them going missing :)


If required i can get a list of what i have & do not have.


PM me please if interested :)



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