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Spectating in Vassal?


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Hey guys, Im new to the world of Malifaux but have been wargaming for close to 10 years.


Out gaming club has recently taken a huge interest in Malifaux with 6-8 of us all buying initial crews over the past couple of weeks. 


While waiting for my 'Tina crew to arrive ive been reading and watching as much malifaux related stuff as possible and came across the Vassal module.


Is it possible or common for people to join the server just to look for a game already underway they can spectate or is this feature not implemented or would it upset the players if somebody asked to simply be there to watch?


Thanks for any help

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Ah I see. so players will usually skype to make the flow of the game easier? I thought there might be a chat dilogue box where players would communicate that I could also see to understand what they were doing. 


Nevermind. Maybe ill try and get some guys from the club familiar with the programme so we can try it instead.


Thanks for the quick reply anyway

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There is a chat box for typing, but Skype or something is so much easier and nicer. Like Ratty said, I've never seen anyone say no to a 'can I listen in' request......there is a way that you can 'lock' the room you're playing in so no one can come in....that's what people do if they don't want to be bothered......the open rooms are fair game.

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