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Henchman application issue

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Where did you come across the office.vcen e-mail if I may ask - we THOUGHT we had caught and updated all references but it looks like we might have missed one or two.


Of course you can ask!  It's at the top of the application form that I downloaded.  It is also here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/13-henchman-application-form/  This one says another email: http://www.malifaux.com/Henchman.php  


Hope that helps.

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I am also encountering problems with sending an application. I've tried the first email and it bounced back. I've sent one to the jacqulyn address and that one bounced back and now I've tried the to send to the office.assistant address hoping that one works :)


If there is a different email to send to please let us know.

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Just wanted to mention that the email for submitting the henchmen app is still a dead link on both the actual application and on the download section for the app. 


I found this thread and sent it to office.assistant@wyrd-games.net and got an automatic reply to do the contact button, but I am assuming to just let it sit until they get to it and not fill out a contact form.

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