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I need help with some colours.


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Hi folks, some of you will of seen me posting up random photos of guild crews I have painted, and as I have chosen Hoffman to be my next painting project I need to decide / come up with a paint scheme for the guild constructs.



Below is a picture of my Lucius, who is what im going to base my scheme for the yellow / brass of the armour of the constructs, the mask on lucius is simply the base coat grey that has a blended gradient in P3 ember orange, which is actually more a yellowy ochre than an orange. But i think it would be lacking a bit of something if i where to translate that onto the constructs, im possibly thinking of an intermediate colour with the ember orange being an extreme highlight layer. I would like some suggestions and ideas becasue I cant quite think what it needs.


Or if you think im being silly and it would be fine, please say so.






Thanks for reading.

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