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Hello! :)


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Hi there.

I"m a henchman aroubd these parts, primarily Sunderland and Durham area.

Best thing I can do is direct you to Malifaux - North East on Facebook.

it's where the local community organise games etc.

A lot of us play at Worhamma on a Thursday and a Sunday in Sunderland.

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Hi I'm Greg, the Henchman for Newcastle

We tend to play at Games of War in Seaham on Saturdays and at Heaton Games Society on Sunday.

There is a store in Middlesbrough, Waugh Games, that has started building a Malifaux community. They are holding an event on 14th June.

I'll try and find details of the guys running it and get back to you.


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I noticed that we do have Henchmen in the North East, but nothing close to me, obviously the closest being Sunderland. Steve at Asgard Wargames has just opened up in Middlesbrough in the last 6 weeks and thats where ive picked Malifaux up again There is a large group of people looking to play Malifaux, thats why i was thinking of applying to be a Henchman.. Ive tried getting over to Waugh Games a few times but its just so hard to find :S.

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