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Malifaux Hardcore tourney on Sat, May 31, 11AM at Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA


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Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA will be hosting a Malifaux Hardcore Tournament on Saturday, May 31 at 11:00AM.

Hardcore rules courtesy of the NOVA Open with a slight tweak in game duration

Henchman led only crews

4 models max

20 soul stones

Each game (not turns) will be 30 minutes (NOVA Open has it at 20 minutes)

Only strategy: turf war

Only scheme: assassinate

Deployment: close deployment

No summoning rules

Proxies: up to discretion of TO

Painting requirements: recommended but not required

Entry fee: $5

Prize support: for the first place winner

Number of rounds depends on number of players

Please have all game-related supplies (fate decks, rulers, pens, stat cards, etc) as I will not be providing anything. The store will have supplies if you need to buy anything.

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I'm still working on preparing for this tournament (mostly mats and prize support), but I hope you guys will come out and play a different style of tournament play!  I am also working on score sheets for each of the players so they can track their scores for the games and then I can use them to determine the first place winner.  Even though hardcore tournaments are not an "official" format by Wyrd standards, I think it is an exciting way to play the game in the competitive setting.  I'll be using the scoring system from the official tournament paperwork, as strange as it is.  


I'm hoping people will get here early (store opens at 10am, tournament starts at 11am, but mostly likely will not start exactly on time (people still fumbling around with their models, cards, etc).  


Plenty of parking with food in the area (I plan on putting time aside for lunch, with majority agreement).  If you guys just want to keep playing, go right ahead.  Store has snacks and drinks available.  


Let me know if you have questions/comments/concerns!  I don't bite.

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