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New to Malifaux, interested in the Viktorias


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I've been looking into Malifaux to play along side Warmachine, been watching some Battle Reports, tutorial videos and the like and I really like the look of it. I like the look of the Viktorias and am looking into what models I would need to make a decent enough 35ss and potentially 50ss crew to get me going and to learn the game.


I will probably pick up the Hired Sword Crew box to start with and maybe shift in a model or two, just to change it up a bit from the standard box (and standard boxes are never normally the best in any miniatures game).


From what I've read, I wouldn't mind adding in a bit of range support and potentially dropping a Ronin or two. I would like to keep the box as intact as possible and maybe buy 2 or 3 blisters at the most. I've had a look and the models that interest me the most are the Convict Gunslinger, Bishop, Killjoy and the Librarian. I hear there is another sister called Vanessa too? (but doesn't seem to be released yet?)


The bit I'm struggling the most with is which upgrades to add to which models? 


I'm not necessarily asking for lists to be written, maybe just a few tips on what works well with what and which upgrades may work best on which models as place to start


Thanks :)

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At some point I'll probably get around to writing up a proper Viks Tactica. :P


In the mean time:


Convict Gunslingers, Bishop, Killjoy and Friekorps Librarians all work very well with the Viks, though personally I find Killjoy to be excessive. Vanessa was released, in plastic, back in first edition, so you should be able to find her pretty easily. General opinion is divided over whether she's the best thing since sliced bread or a bit of a damp squib.


I'd start with the Hired Swords, and pick yourself up an Outcasts deck as well as download the Wave 2 PDF cards from the website - that will give you stats for everything else in the faction, so you can proxy stuff and find what works best for you.


For upgrades, I'd recommend your starting position be Mark of Shez'uul and Oathkeeper on Viktoria of Blood, and Sisters in Fury on Viktoria of Ashes. From there, Viktoria of Ashes can add whatever you think will help most in the scenario you're playing - Howling Wolf Tattoo if your crew is loaded up with Ronin and Convict Gunslingers, Sisters in Spirit if you want extra mobility, Synchronized Slaying if you want a more devastating alpha strike, or another Oathkeeper for that one turn where you just need to do more stuff.


Otherwise, check out some of the other threads on this forum for more tips and tricks, and don't hesitate to ask questions. Good luck!

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Welcome to the game!


I just recently picked up the Vikis, and the first few games with them were...well, a bit confusing, despite playing them a bit back in the wave 1 beta.   I found that doing a game or two with them without any upgrades helped quite a bit, as I could focus on learning how the two Vikis interact, and then branch out from there. 


With upgrades, it ended up just being a bit too much information overload for me.  What I've settled on now is Mark of Shez'uul on Blood and Synchronized Slaying and Survivalist on Ashes.   I'm hoping to branch out into using the increased damage upgrade (whose name escapes me) as I continue to learn just what they sisters can do. 


They're quite fun, so you've made a good choice.  :D


As far as other models go, I've really hit a nice place by using a Freikorps Librarian alongside them for some targeted heals, and her blasts and aura of suit denial is also very handy.

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Sisters in Fury, maybe?  Once you try that upgrade you will never leave home without it.  Vik of Blood capable of doing 15-20 wounds, reliably, in one activation is just that gross.  Honestly, having it is like a nuclear deterrent, you win all arms races with it.  (nasty opponents will then go all guerrilla warfare on you, though!)


As these to guys said... if I was starting Viks I would get the box set, Vanessa box and the new Convict Gunslinger box set.  Right there you have more than enough to run a crew that can mix up a bit.  (note, you'll also want the arsenal pack for your three Oathkeepers!)


After that I would expand to Lazarus, Hans and depending on how things get put together in boxes, a Friekorps Trapper, Librarian and Specialist. 


As for playing the actual games just be aware that in my opinion, the Viks are one of those crews that need to utilize upgrades.  So if you start playing without Upgrades you might get frustrated.  Toss in a couple Oathkeepers and one or two Sister upgrades right away.  This allows the Sisters to do what they are capable of, which is striking out and defeating the enemy before they get brought down.  Likewise, when you start playing take as many SS as you can fit into your Pool (they only start with 1 in the cache) and everytime a Sister takes 2 or more damage, damage prevent.  Between Damage Prevention and healing access you can minimize the Vik's biggest weakness, low Wound totals.

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I will point out that the Convict gunslinger plastics are coming out this month if I remember correctly. So maybe try proxying em a bit. I know when I first bought my Viks box I got Lazarus and Vanessa and while I have used both at the same time once or twice I tend to lean towards the Freikorps Librarian as my healer and Lazarus is Lazarus he does his job well. (Its all a matter of playstyle in the battle between Vanessa/Librarian though so grab that Arsenal Deck and download wave 2 and get to playin!)

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