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Ironsides vs ramos 35 SS Turf war. :(

The Godlyness

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So how is iron sides supposed to win against ramos in turf war? Spiders spiders everywhere.


Toni Ironsides

challenge the crowd






Omagex3 all the runes





Mech rider


E creation




Protect territory

Power ritual


take prisoner


I took protect, and ALits

he took breakthough and power ritual



1st turn 3 spiders

second turn 3 spider

3 turn 3 spider



So no way to possibly dislodge the spides from turf war killed a few with the mages  uppercuted joss to death but was then over heated alot. (forgot blood rune makes that not happen :( )  ended on turn 4 since he had to go. which the game was already over he was going to summon 3 more spiders ironsides was on 4 wounds the mech rider was pumping out more things and was going to casually walk away and complete everything.



So she does not ignore armour gets hit but needs a tome to get adreniline. hard to kill is nice but trying to fight off 9 spiders is rough. did get 5 adreline one round to combo joss out. but that was just luck of the cards. but by end of turn 3 i had no chance of stopping his schemes (damn rider) and since he could out activate me could summon 3 spiders in the center to score. or 2 heck even 1.  but how does one stop the spider onslaught. or was this just the perfect storm of awesome for ramos. and me needing well something to stop the pain but failing due to cards.

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He must have had crazy ideal cards to get 3 spiders a turn (can only do it with 11/12/13 Tomes or RJ, plus a SS)...


Few things I worry about when playing as Ramos is (a) running out of SS, (b ) running out of scrap or (c ) Ramos dying.


He can't bring in spiders without scrap, so if you avoid killing the first wave of spiders then he has to use his own AP killing them to get scrap back (also avoid Joss, he makes scrap out of anything he kills).

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I've yet to use Ironside, so I may be wrong, but I would have thought she would eb pretty good for this. Ignore the spiders early on, you can't stop them with your list. Focus on killing the stuff that matters, Ramos, the rider and Joss.  The spiders would give you lots of adrenaline, but at the cost of your defence. Use that to hit your target of choice as hard as you can. Bringing it to you as required.


Alternatively, if you can use Tonis "lure" to move the electrical creation well away from Ramos, it means his early scrap plans are halted.


Again, I've not played with toni or the mages, so I'm not sure on their durability, but as long as you have 2 models in the Turf, you'll be scoring as well. Toni in the thick should have 1 locked down, so just keeping soemthing else there will get you points.  (I always try to have two tanks for turf war for this reason)

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Ok, Having checked Tonis Card, she can't bring the electrical creation to her, it doesn't have a charge. But she should be able to bring Ramos and/or the rider to her with it. Ramos has to have range and line of sigth to the scrap to summon.


It does look like you suffered from the opponent having a great game (3 spiders a turn is pretty lucky, they can't plan for that), but I don't think you helped yourself with your crew selection. No Area damage, and not the most durable list, as well as quite a slow set of models so they need to spend a lot of AP to get the schemes you picked. (Its something like 20+ AP you needed to spend to get your 6 scheme points, and only 35 AP in the crew to do it with).


Don't get me wrong, Turf war against Ramos is always going to be tough, he ought to be getting at least 10 extra bodies in the middle if that what he wants.

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